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In Focus: How Do Influencers Influence Their Own Lives?

In Focus: How Do Influencers Influence Their Own Lives?



By Marco Lobregat, PMAP member, Senior Strategist at Geisermaclang Marketing & Communications Inc., Host of Lifestyle Network’s The Green Mind


And just like that, six months are gone! We’re now down to the second half. If our lives were sports we would be using halftime to review how we did and strategize how to win the game during the second half. Now is a good time for our inner coach to give us a pep talk and influence our plans to succeed.

Looking at some goals I’ve set and resolutions I’ve made for this year, I can say I’ve accomplished a few like selling my car and traveling more. But there are still so many things that I have not been able to do, so now I am making a renewed effort make at least some of them happen.

It was my resolution to be more fit and active and also to be more spiritual and balanced. I personally believe that the good influence of yoga will positively affect other aspects of my life. Hence for the second half of the year my goal is to get deeper into my yoga practice by challenging myself to do it straight for 30 days and by joining a workshop.

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Let’s see how others are doing:


“I stopped setting New Year's resolutions because they're the same every yearlose weight, pray more, spend time with the family, read more books, help more charities.  Just do it!” — Senator Sonny Angara


“Last new year, I promised myself these things and I'm glad that I've been working on them for a better me!" Love Myself More: I've been more active with exercising, giving myself time to recharge whenever I feel like I'm burning out, also allowing myself to just be still and to laugh more. Take Risks: I'm now getting into things i don't normally do; I traveled alone, and like now, I'm starting to blog! I've always been shy but now, even though I'm super late, I'm writing and creating my own site (better to start now than regret later, right?). Here's to hoping I get to inspire people with my experiences. Spend More Time With People Who Matter: We're at the age now that everyone's getting older, most especially our parents. I make it a point to remind them that they are loved. Also, I keep friends close to my heart who are real. No more time for BS. Be Grateful: Always and always be grateful. No matter what the situation may be, whether good or bad, there's always a reason and something to learn from that situation. Be grateful of what you have and of what you have become because of your challenges” — Tracy Abad, Events/TV Host and radio’s sweetheart of Mellow 94.7


“I had no New Year's resolutions, but I did make it a goal to hit 100k subsribers on my YouTube channel by the end of the year, which I already did na!” — Wil Dasovich, YouTube Vlogger (Tsong and Tsonggo); Kojie-San Men, Saktong Pogi Ambassador


“I don't believe in New Year's resolutions so I never make them. I always think that I don't need a new year to change anything or start making goals. But currently my goal to run a half marathon has now transitioned to doing my first triathlon!” — Bubbles Paraiso, Model/Actress/Yoga Teacher


Grow The Healthy House: We have expanded in both client base and staff, and our customer satisfaction is higher than ever so we are very proud of our team for accomplishing this. Travel More: So far I've been able to travel to Melbourne, Bali, Taiwan, and China with my girlfriend, with a few trips planned for the rest of the year, so it's been a good year. Launch swimwear label with my girlfriend and business partner Brittany Lu (Anna Swimwear) and launch internationally: We launched the company locally and we're so excited by the response that we will be launching internationally on July 24. Make a million dollars: Not close on the scoreboard, but the year is only halfway done.” — Gerard Sison, Managing Director / Co–Founder, The Healthy House


“On the first day of 2016, I promised to eat healthier and try this thing called exercise. On January 2, I went wild at a hotel buffet. I’ve since put on 8 lbs, have not set foot at the gym, but averaged 18,000 steps a day the whole month of May, so I guess I am getting there, albeit very slowly. I aimed to visit eight new countriesgot six down and two more to go. To simplify my life, declutter, rid myself of emotional garbage, and spend more time with people who matterdone, done, done, and done. I’ve never felt more at peace! I’m in great shape emotionally. I need more work on the physical aspect, but that is always the biggest challenge of people who love to eat.” — Jin Perez, Owner, Jin Loves to Eat Blog


“Be More Selfless: As human nature dictates, we gravitate towards our means of survival thus posing quite the challenge towards being more selfless. I can't honestly say that I am a hundred percent changed but I most definitely do more things unconditionally and many more things with more sincerity. Go The Extra Mile In All Things: In all aspects of life, I used to settle for what's mediocre but I can say now, even with just half the year that has passed, that 7 out of the 10 times, I can take pride in taking the initiative to exceed not only the expectations others have for me, but even those that I have set for myself. To Not Hold Grudges: I have always been one to feel hurt and offended when wronged by others. I believe that it is important to acknowledge a fault before being able to correct it and so I recognize that holding the mistakes of others against them creates unnecessary tension and no one needs that. Burned bridges can, in fact, be rebuilt but it takes swallowing of one's pride and humility. I have made a constant effort to internalize what it really means to "forgive and forget" and I know that by the end of the year, I will feel lighter knowing I have done the right thing.” — Kara Gozali, Medical Student/Social Media Influencer/Part-time Model

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“The new resolution I accomplished this 2016 is I promised myself to be a loving and thoughtful boyfriend, I did it because last February 2016 I found a new gf I made to her my promise and my new year resolution. Second accomplished this 2016, my New Year's resolution is maligo araw2x nagawa ko na. (laughs)”— Jojo the Love Survivor, Radio Personality/Self-Proclaimed Showbiz Person


“I am happy to say that six months into 2016 I am very much on track with the goals I have set for myself. Grow deeper in faith: This year I finally shared my testimony as a Christian to our congregation. Finish at least one book a month: Unfortunately, so far I have managed to finish four books. To be able to launch “Be Healed’s” first collaborative project with Government Rehabilitation Centre: We are in the planning stages of launching our first art exhibit by patients from Bicutan TRC Rehabilitation Centre. To put up the first Women’s shelter in Manila: Currently drafting my proposal to be submitted by the 15th of July. Revive Manila’s drug rehabilitation centre: Finally got the location approved, in the process of improving organizational structure and updating programs being offered. Become a healthier version of myself: I started my journey of self-improvement last January 20, 2016, I started being more active by going to the gym at least 5 days a week. I became more mindful of what I eat without depriving myself too much. Reaching my ideal weight in 5 months is definitely the icing on the cake. The best and most rewarding part is the self-discipline that I cultivated in my journey to be a better version of myself. I have learned through the years that your goals must be aligned with your passions and things that you value; this way your journey becomes more meaningful instead of it bringing unnecessary pressure on yourself. Let your goals bring clarity to your purpose.” — Jerika Ejercito, Private Secretary to the Mayor (City of Manila), Project Director for “Ilaw ng Maynila”, Founder/Director for “Be Healed” Foundation


“I quit smoking in June 2015. Part of my New Year's resolution was to stay true to quitting and not backsliding. I've managed to stick to my resolution and I've been smoke-free one year now this end of June. I also declared 2016 to be a big traveling year and so far I've been to two countries and four cities since the year started. Am doing really good on these resolutions!” — Xeng Zulueta, Celebrity Makeup Artist


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