In Focus: Let's Take A Walk Down Memory Lane Right into James Reid's Family Home in Makati

In Focus: Let's Take A Walk Down Memory Lane Right into James Reid's Family Home in Makati



James Reid may have a crazy busy schedule, but this guy sure knows how to invest on things that matter—like a beautiful home for him and and his family. In some interviews during his last birthday, James revealed that he's looking forward to the completion of their new home in one of the most exclusive subdivisions in Quezon City, slated sometime third quarter of this year.

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Timely, though, we found in the archives something perfect for a walk down memory lane right before James and his family move into their new home: The Starstudio Magazine June 2011 feature on the Reids' two-story house at an exclusive subdivision in Makati.

Keeping to a palette of whites and browns with some pops of red, their first abode when they moved here from Australia can teach you a thing or two about keeping things modern yet cozy.

In their living room, the coffee table and ornaments on top of it is among the furniture pieces that originated from James' home in Australia. James says he loves their living room's sheepskin rug for being soft and fluffy, and it reminds him of Australia.


The eight-seater dining table found in their dining room also came from Australia. Near their kitchen counter is a shelf containing their collection of music CDs belonging to James' father Malcolm.


Hidden behind the lower cabinets of their living room is James' videogame collection. 


One of the first things you would also notice are the many guitars that can be found (there are a total of five guitars) in different areas, along with furniture pieces that came from the Reids' family home in Australia.

James' love for music is also very apparent in his room, along with the electric piano found in their living room. It can be remembered that his guitar-playing skills made him win the hearts of many fans on Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010, years prior to becoming half of one of today's most sought-after love teams.

Three of five guitars that can be found in the Reid residence. 


Just like most other guys, James likes his room a bit roughed up. “That’s why I have this room. He [dad Malcolm Reid] doesn’t need to look inside,” James said in the interview with Starstudio Magazine.

James' bedroom looks simple, but it has everything he needs, save for a storage for food. 


Know what's totally adorable about James’ room, though? It houses lots of stuffed toys, most, if not all, were given to him by fans as gifts, the others, which totally harks back to his childhood days where he was spoiled with toys too. "I had so many toys it was ridiculous," James recalls.

Even at 23 years old, James' room has a spot for stuffed toys. 


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Photographs by Paulo Valenzuela for Starstudio Magazine




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