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Daily Diaries: These Real-Life Stories of Today's Bigwigs Will Inspire You to Go the Extra Mile

Daily Diaries: These Real-Life Stories of Today's Bigwigs Will Inspire You to Go the Extra Mile

With every person’s success in life comes a story filled with failures, frustrations, and struggles that all contribute to their journey. If you're lacking the push to pull through, notable social entrepreneur Roger James Hamilton' Facebook page is the answer. Here, he shared stories of several personalities the world looks up to today, on how they made a name for themselves. Here are five of our favorite stories shared by Hamilton:


1. Pokemon Go founder John Hanke.

Practically everyone is hooked on this internet and location-based game, but did you know that it took creator John Hanke 20 years to make the game? Starting from his first game in 1996, Hanke developed various apps through the years, from 3D aerial maps Keyhole to creating Google Maps and Google Street View, and location-based game Ingress, along with funding from Google and other investors, before Pokemon Go became a reality. The success of Pokemon Go is attributed to the many years Hanke spent on researching different elements before combining them together.

Quotable quote:It takes 20 years to make an overnight success.”


2. Yusra Mardini.

A Syrian refugee who has faced death several times, Mardini swam her way from war-torn Syria to Germany, and made used of her survival skills in water as her motivation to seriously pursue swimming as a sport. While training for a local swimming club, members from the National Team and the International Olympic Committee saw her potential, and she qualified 100m Freestyle & 100m Butterfly as part of the first-ever Olympic Refugee team.

Quotable quote: “I want to show everyone that, after the pain, after the storm, comes calm days. I want to inspire them to do something good in their lives.”


3. Michael Phelps.

He may be the greatest Olympian of all time, winning a total of 23 gold medals, but two years ago Phelps hit rock bottom, dealing with a DUI arrest and a one-year suspension from the US swimming team. During that lowest point of his life, retired Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis encouraged him that he can qualify for the Rio Olympics, thus prompting Phelps to go back to training for his fifth consecutive Olympics appearance. The result? Phelps winning five gold medals and a silver medal in his last Olympics foray.

Quotable quote: “You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.”



4. Elon Musk.

Still in the pursuit of innovating in spite of Tesla Motors' success, Musk continues to redefine transportation through SpaceX. While his most recent Falcon 9 experiencing a failed launch, it did not matter to Musk if he lost $60 million because of this. Instead, Musk sees these failures as a stepping stone towards improving the rocket’s overall design, in the efforts of making space travel a reality.

Quotable Quote: “If things aren’t failing, you are not innovating enough.”


5. Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook’s success can be attributed to the way Zuckerberg manages his company, with the late Steve Jobs helping him in the process. During the time when Facebook was on the brink of being sold, Jobs advised him to leave the company for a month, which Zuckerberg did by traveling to India. After taking a month-long break, Zuckerberg became determined in “connecting people” as Facebook’s goal, and rejected all offers. Fast forward to today, Facebook is arguably the most-used social media platform by people of all ages and all races.

Quotable Quote: “The question I ask myself like almost every day is ‘Am I doing the most important thing I could be doing?’”


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