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Hot Stuff: Can Wil Dasovich Keep His "Sili King" Title after His Trip to Bicol?

Hot Stuff: Can Wil Dasovich Keep His

Wil Dasovich loves taking on challenges in his travel vlogs, but can he survive eating the chilies of the Bicol region? While he proclaims himself as the "Sili King ng Makati", Bicolanos dared him to try out different chili varieties, which include both red and green chili peppers. 

Check out the video to see how Wil enjoyed his "hot and spicy" trip to Albay:


You be the judge: Was Wil able to keep his "Sili King" title? Well, will Wil has this to say: "I've never tasted something as spicy as this sa buong buhay ko!" 


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Banner photograph screengrabbed from Wil's video.




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