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Love Actually: Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla, from a Whirlwind Romance to a Beautiful Forever

Love Actually: Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla, from a Whirlwind Romance to a Beautiful Forever

There’s a saying that once you've found the right person, never let him or her go. And action star Robin Padilla did just that. It was in May 15, 2010 when Robin became a guest host for the now-defunct noontime show Wowowee, and it was during this hosting stint when he met the woman that would later became his wife, TV host and actress Mariel Rodriguez. Looking back at that particular episode when Robin stepped on stage and greeted the ladies of Wowowee, you will actually notice that there was an instant spark between the two.

Later on when Mariel interviewed Robin in his dressing room and asked him to describe each of the hosts in one word, “Kabigha-bighani,” says Robin of Mariel, adding “Napaka-ganda ng mata po niyo talaga.” The attraction between the two grew stronger in each day that they worked together on the said noontime show, and on Robin’s last day, he said to the emotional Mariel “Sana hindi pa ito ang huli natin pagkikita,” giving a hint of his plans to pursue the host.


Smitten with each other, Robin and Mariel didn’t wait any longer and flew to Agra, India where they got married in the beautiful and historic Taj Mahal, in August 2010, only three months after they first met.



Six years have passed since then, and Mariel and Robin looks to be more and more in love each passing day. And in that six years, they have gotten to know each other much deeper. “Robin is very organized, and it's true he’s very caring, he’s very thoughtful and generous. He’s fun and very spontaneous,” says Mariel of what she has discovered about Robin in their time together.


And just last weekend (August 13, 2016) in an event hosted by Japanese stroller brand Aprica at Le Jardin, the couple revealed that they are having a baby girl, to the delight of Mariel, who really just wants to have a healthy baby more than anything.


When asked how pregnancy changed her, Mariel shares, “I think that I’ve become more careful. Lagi akong 'Wait I can’t do that, kasi I can't do this, I can't do that,” and I guess a lot of those things will happen more once I have a baby already, kunwari I don’t usually eat naman talaga breakfast but I have to eat breakfast because my baby needs it so and I know I'm gonna have a lot of those moments na even if I don’t wanna do it I have to do it for my child.”

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As a mom-to-be Mariel is very much looking forward to “How Robin and I will be able to raise the baby as a good person, God-fearing... ako gusto ko talaga may values siya." But whether she's going to be a strict mom or not, Mariel says, "I hope not. I hope I'm gonna be a cool mom, pero I don’t wanna spoil my child."



Mariel took a break from showbiz to take some rest as required by her doctor. "When you weigh it this is a matter of life and death you can't really say it’s a hard decision. Of course if it weighs may weight siya but when you weigh the two syempre naman you do everything for you child."

As for which food she is currently craving for or in Tagalog pinaglilihian, Mariel shares, "Parang siopao, ngayon naman I'm into buko pie, like I ate four boxes last week."


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