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Daily Diaries: Got Relationship Woes to Deal With? Let Arci, Bela, and Yassi Help You Out!

Daily Diaries: Got Relationship Woes to Deal With? Let Arci, Bela, and Yassi Help You Out!

Are there times when you feel so frustrated with your relationship, you want to end it, ASAP?


Camp Sawi's Arci Munoz, Bela Padilla, and Yassi Pressman might just be able to help you find the courage to get out of that toxic relationship. In an interview on Gandang Gabi Vice, the three girls weighed in on the different signs that point towards one's relationship coming to an end. Have you encountered any of these five signs? Check out Arci, Bela, and Yassi's sentiments:


1. When you are not the priority. Importante yun kasi kahit may trabaho siya, he makes sure na ikaw yun huling tao na makikita niya,” Arci says. Yes, ladies, a man in love will always find ways to make time for you no matter how crazy his schedule gets.

Yassi, on the other hand, has a different sentiment. “Family first, and then work, and then ikaw. Pero hangga’t kayang gawan ng paraan, ipaglalaban [pa rin],” Yassi explains.


2. When your partner's mind keeps on wandering. Without any disagreement, Bela, Arci, and Yassi all agree that this is a definite sign that a relationship is nearing its end. “Oo, patapos na iyan,” Yassi elaborated, with Arci adding that if your partner keeps on changing the topic, it’s an automatic red flag in your relationship.


3. When your partner is not concerned about your day. For the three of them, a simple hi or hello each day shows that your partner loves and cares for you. “Ang saya kaya gumising sa isang good morning,” remarks Arci. “Kahit isang beses sa isang araw [ok na iyan],” Yassi adds.


4. When romantic dates are becoming less and less. As for the fourth sign, the girls are divided on the issue. While dates matter a lot for Arci, having less dates does not bother Yassi. "Okay lang, pero kung hindi, okay pa rin sa akin," Yassi said.


5. When there are more arguments than before. While Arci would be confrontational when an argument develops between her and her partner, Bela would choose to go for the safe side. “Kapag na-feel ko na may away, okay uwi na ako,” Bela quips. “Tumitiklop din ako kagaya ni Bela,” Yassi adds. “Kapag galit ka na, [mag-]sorry [ ako pagkatapos].”


Check out the full segment below:


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