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In Focus: Indulge Your Insatiable Royal Wanderlust at Hilly, Chilly Edinburgh

In Focus: Indulge Your Insatiable Royal Wanderlust at Hilly, Chilly Edinburgh

Do you want to go on a breathtaking journey fit for royalty? Why not try palace-hopping for once in your life and experience how the monarchs roam in their kingdoms.

The best option should be those vast, rolling hills of Europe where mesmerizing and magnificent castles lord over the scenery. And, where else can they be as resplendent as in Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is rich in historical and cultural attractions. You can see neo-classical buildings everywhere and walk on cobblestone streets that make you feel like you’ve transported into another era.

Here are 5 things you shouldn’t miss when you visit hilly and chilly Edinburgh.


1. Visiting Edinburgh Castle

The Edinburgh Castle has been an important stronghold and fortress throughout the history of Scotland. Aside from touring the castle, you can also get amazing views of the city and see the Crown Jewels. If you go at the right time, you might even be rewarded with a live show where actors would re-enact important moments from the castle’s history.

Tip: If you’re going in August, try to grab tickets for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.


2. Hearing the Sound of Bagpipes (and Seeing Men in Kilts!).

They do it for the tourists, but hearing the sound of bagpipes as you stroll around the city is not a bad way to experience the city at all! And what’s Scotland without kilts? If you’re lucky, you might see dedicated tour guides or street musicians donning traditional kilts.


3. Exploring the Palace of Holyroodhouse

The official residence of The Queen (as in, the present-day monarch, Queen Elizabeth II) in Scotland but is mostly famous because of the historic chambers of Mary Queen of Scots. Make sure you don’t miss walking around the gorgeous gardens and pretending that you are part of Scottish royalty.


4. Must Visit: The Royal Yacht Britannia

Take a tour inside Queen Elizabeth II’s official yacht. Though located a bit farther from the other landmarks, make sure you don’t miss this chance to see what life was like and where the royal family slept, dined and hung out whenever they were on board the official yacht.

The Royal Yacht Britannia is no longer in use and permanently docked in Edinburgh.


5. Walking and Shopping Along the Royal Mile

Enjoy the one-of-a-kind shops as you stroll along the romantic streets of the old town. There are also a lot of small, cute places where you can grab a really good snack when your stomach gets too hungry from all the shopping.

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Sheena Sy Gonzales is an illustrator, designer and travel writer. She also regularly writes about her adventures on her blog One day, she hopes to set foot in North Korea, but until then, she continues to explore the rest of the world one place at a time. Follow her on Instagram @sheenalovessunsets




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