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In Focus: Why Rita Gabiola Just Might Be The Best Thing That Has Happened On PBB's Latest Season

In Focus: Why Rita Gabiola Just Might Be The Best Thing That Has Happened On PBB's Latest Season

This girl is no doubt the best thing that has happened to Pinoy Big Brother’s latest season.

It goes way beyond her classic Filipina good looks, though, which made everyone take notice after her photo taken at the Pahiyas Festival went viral on social media. Pure, unfiltered, untouched by makeup, and simply beautiful, Rita Gabiola was a refreshing change from all the selfie and feed goals-obsessed girls of this generation, and perfect proof of the Pinay’s unparalleled natural beauty.

It goes way beyond the happiness that comes with seeing this young girl, who dropped out of school to help her family earn a living triumph and get opportunities that she deserves for wholeheartedly devoting herself to her loved ones.

It is, more than anything, because of her kind spirit, which just shines inside the famous Bahay ni Kuya, even if she’s shy and would oftentimes keep to herself. She is a lovely reminder of life’s uncomplicatedness—that no matter how hard your circumstances are, you can soldier on and should not lose hope. That you can face the world head on kindly even if you are battling insecurities of your own. Take for instance that moment when some of her housemates poked fun at her private garments: She may have cried, but she made sure to tell these other girls that what they did was hurtful—she did not pretend to be okay even if that was the easier route; she did not let herself be stepped on. But this she did without any inkling of hate or bitterness. She forgave.

She is proof that you can be kind to others even if they have been unkind to you. That you still have love to give even if you’re pained yourself. Remember that moment she comforted Heaven even if she has also just recently shared how sad she is to be away from her family? This girl’s life has been far from easy, yet she has so much love to give. She may be young, but she’s obviously more mature than her peers, perhaps also because of the trying times she has faced.

She’s a reminder that there is so much more to life than all the kaartehan we’re all so engrossed in. Because if this girl can be happy and loving and selfless even if she has had less opportunities in life than most of us, how can you not be happy when you have more than what she does? She is proof that we don’t need that much in life to be happy—just living is blessing enough as it is.

This girl is truly touching many lives without even knowing it. 


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Photograph from the Official Pinoy Big Brother Facebook Page




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