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The Six Fix: How Sandara Park Is Still Very Pinoy

The Six Fix: How Sandara Park Is Still Very Pinoy

Sandara Park is now far from the Pambansang Krungkrung we used to knowat least in terms of the fame. You see, from landing second place in Star Circle Quest in 2004 to becoming one of the most-loved K-Pop stars of today, anything that she holds turns to gold, indeed. But seven breakthrough years in the Korean music scene, yet she's still the quirky person we saw more than a decade ago, and isn't one to forget where she started. Proof? Her frequent visits here in the country andyes, rejoice Filipino fansshe'll be here more often for a new talent competition!


Boys!!! Are you in or out?! #PinoyBoybandSuperstar malapit na!!!

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It's like she's back to her SCQ days, only now she's the judge. We certainly can't wait for her Philippine TV comeback. Good thing her Pinay personality is still very much intact, and it's just one of the reasons we're all proud of our Krungy. And here are more reasonswe know you agree!


1. Every now and then, she still speaks Tagalog. What's great about Dara is she uses Tagalog whenever she can. Talk about patriotism!


2. She is up to date with the latest Pinoy trends. From the person who started the term krung-krung herself, of course, she can't be left out when it comes to what's hot here in the Philippines, like Pak Ganern! [related: Hot Stuff: Be the Pak to the Ganern!]


?!!! ????? ????????... ???... ?? ???? upgraded ako to 1st class!!! Pak! Ganern!!! Good night ??

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3. She loves Jollibee. Because it's every '90s kid favorite.


My dinner!!!

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4. She stuck with her nickname. Global fans may know her as Dara, but she'll always be Krungy (she keeps it as her twitter handle!).


?? ??? ??? ??? ???. ?? ???? ?? ????.. ??????!!! ?????????????? no bikini for krung~ ??

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5. Like any other Pinays, she can't miss a photo with JLC. She may be a Korean superstar, but John Lloyd is John Lloyd and we understand, we all love him. [related: Hot Stuff: John Lloyd Earns First Gawad Urian Award for His Role in "Honor Thy Father"]


So happy to bumped into papa Lloydy sa airport! Same flight pala kami ????

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6. She never forgets her humble beginnings. On one of her Instagram posts, she says, "Happy to see my fans since scq ako! Very loyal kayo sakin! And loyal din ako sa inyo!!!" She's proud of where she started, and Filipinos will always have a special place in her heart.


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