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The Six Fix: Times Jinri Park is More Than Just Body Sexy

The Six Fix: Times Jinri Park is More Than Just Body Sexy

We've seen her in magazines, rock the airwaves, and become one of the hottest personalities guys can't get enough (and girls envy) of. 


She's Korean yet she's Pinay in every sense—and she showcased it during, no less, her stint in the latest season of Pinoy Big Brother. We saw the side of this babe that we haven't seen before—including her personality and those athletic muscles (imagine she beat the boys in their basketball shooting game!). More than being just 'hot,' there's so much more to Jinri. For her...


1. Family is priority. She looks up to her dad, and everything she does is for her family.


My dad. My hero ??

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2. It's important to keep the faith. She never forgets to thank Himand reminds people to always trust and have faith.

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Thank you, God. You keep me strong

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3. Be grounded and grateful. After getting one of the two much coveted "Big Jump to the Big Night" slots on Pinoy Big Brother, Jinri can't summarize her feelingsand is extremely thankful of the experience and everything that came with it. She doesn't forget the people who became part of the journey, which keeps her feet firmly planted to the ground.


I still can't believe it. It feels unreal. I'm just so thankful for everything. Being part of pbb. Being part of THIS season of pbb. Having these set of housemates, ChaCha Elisse Yassi Mccoy and Nikko JK Hideo Nonong Thuy ?? I never ever expected to have survived this long and even being part of one of the lucky stars. I went in thinking I'll have fun enjoy each moment and gain experience but I came out getting more than I deserve or expected. I guess that's the lesson in life. Enjoy each moment like it's your last day, be thankful and no matter what be kind and be courageous. Eventually good things will happen to you if you do. Thank you for the people who have supported my journey. Even if I don't have as much fans and supporters as the other housemates I'm happy because I got to show my real self. That's enough ?? Lastly I couldn't have done anything without God. Remember him in everything. Be kind. Be courageous #pbblucky7 #pbbluckyseason7

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4. There's no need to hide good humor. She's sexy and beautiful and she knows itbut she's funny, too! And isn't there any sexier trait?


Strong independent woman-Expectation vs Reality ?? #TJE3

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5. Optimism: Big check! That's why she's never bad-lookingher positivity radiates!


It's never about the result. It's all about the journey. #pbbseason7 #pbblucky7

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6. Sexy is not about being made up, but going natural. This is Jinri minus all the glitz and glam. Need we say more? [related: Kitchen Whiz: Craft Your Sexy Cocktail Match]


No make up, loose vneck shirt. This is me 99% of the time ??

A photo posted by Jinri Park (@jinri_88) on


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