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The Six Fix: Super Cute Photos that Prove that the Kramer Kids Are Future Superstars

The Six Fix: Super Cute Photos that Prove that the Kramer Kids Are Future Superstars

Fruit trees in summer bearing its bounty is how we can describe the Kramers. Looking at them all so beautiful, they're the picture of a perfect family, whether they just woke up...


Or all glammed up.


And as they say, what you reap is what you sow, so there's no denying that the Kramer kids will all be successful like their mom and dad, in their respective fields. Now with countless TV commercials under their belts at such young ages, we're seeing superstars in the making. More than being online influencers, Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin are destined for the fame, and here's why:


1. They are perfect in front of the camera. Where to get this but from their momma? All of them have no bad angles! #cutenessoverload

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2. They are creative. None is older than 10, yet you can see that talent runs in their veins—look at these beautiful artworks made by the girls! [related: Hot Stuff: 8 Artists We Want to See in Future Local Music Festivals]


3. Showbiz is in their DNA. Born from a celebrity couple, it won't be a surprise if they land roles soon! Look at Little Gavin, who totally nailed being a superhero in the rescue of the princess(es) in need!


Iron Man visits his sisters!!!??????

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4. They dress up gorgeous. They could be in line with the 'It Girls and Boys' of their generation! 


5. They are born performers. Confidence? Check. Talent? Check. Willingness to learn? Check! All these qualities fit for a superstar!


#tagalogtime Scarlett and Kendra singing,Tatlong Bibe... Or something like that?!?!??????

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6. They have already established themselves this early. Thousands of followers at a meager age. Already. We can see a showbiz future shining bright for these kids!


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