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The Six Fix: These Celebrity Wedding Vows Will Make You Want To Say "I Do" Sooner Than Later

The Six Fix: These Celebrity Wedding Vows Will Make You Want To Say

What can be more beautiful than a bride in her invariably white gown, slowly walking down the aisle towards the altar where her groom stands tearing up as he waits for his future to begin? It's during this moment that everyone else in the room sheds a tear or two. But if there's one thing that everyone really is looking forward to in every wedding ceremony, aside from the part where they finally say "I do," of course (not to mention the first kiss!), is when the couple exchange vows. It is in this short message that the couple pour their hearts and emotions in—going back to the first time they've met and the trials they had to face, to a promise of eternal love. Here are some video clips from wedding ceremonies that will give you all the feels. (Tip: Better get a box of tissue ready, because you'll be needing it.)


Cristine Reyes and Ali Khatibi. These two, together with their cute little girl, Amara, are a picture of one beautiful and happy family. Looking at their photos on Instagram, or watching their interviews together, we can't help but feel how authentic their love is for each other.

Bring on the feels: "I promise never to forget this moment, for it's in this moment my life ends...and ours begin."   - Ali



Nikki Gil and BJ Albert. It took BJ years before he finally got the courage to introduce himself to Nikki who was his schoolmate in college. But now that they're togther, they have realized that what they have now is definitely worth the wait, because whatever time they missed, they have a lifetime to cover it. 

Bring on the feels: "There are days that I wish I'd known you earlier but I know God makes all things beautiful in his time." - Nikki



Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones. Whenever we see them together, we can't help but gush over what a beautiful couple they are. They just seem to click in about everything and anything, showing us all how love really works. You learn to love the things he or she loves and vice versa, thus making your relationship more fruitful, fun, and full of adventure.

Bring on the feels: "We’re a team now. I believe God has ordained this relationship, because of that I'm going to spend the rest of my life loving you, and you and I are going to be a team and we’re going to be vessels for him together to serve His purpose in our lives." - Kim



Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico. Earlier this year Solenn Heussaff tied the knot with non-showbiz boyfriend, Argentinian businessman Nico Bolzico, in France. Being together for five years, you'll wonder what else you could say to your partner that you haven't already told him before. Well, in the case of Solenn and Nico, they've shared the lessons they've learned in the past five years and assurance of their love for forever.

Bring on the feels: "One main lesson I learned from you is that love is not platonic, it's not even romantic. It's something that you work on everyday. That's why I promise not just to love you forever but to also love you everyday. I promise to be there for you when you need me but also to be there for you when you don't need me. I promise to support in any path you need to follow, no matter how crazy it is. And lastly, I promise that forever will make sense." - Nico


Isabel Oli and John Prats. Even before they got married, Isabel and John seemed to have become one. When I interviewed the couple after the said proposal, I can really tell how madly in love they are, finishing each other's sentences, voicing each other's thoughts, and comfortably joking around. They're the perfect example of how great it is to marry your best friend.

Bring on the feels: "I'm happy and grateful na dumating ka sa buhay ko wifey. Hiniling at pinag-pray ko talaga 'yun. At ngayon nasa akin ka na, hindi na kita papakawalan. I will cherish you and give you my heart, I will support you and care for you faithfully, lagi ako nasa tabi mo at hawak ang kamay mo regardless of what life would bring to us." - John


Miguel Sevilla and Maita Ponce. Technically not a showbiz celebrity, but a celebrity in the literary world, bestselling author of One More Chance The Novel Miguel Sevilla's masterpiece and most important work is not one for commercial consumption, but rather, dedicated to the love of his life—his wedding vows. But unlike writing a fiction novel where you are just basically making things up, Miguel let his heart speak and guide him as he wrote down everything that he ever wanted to say to his now lovely wife Maita Ponce. And his words captivated everyone in attendance. (Maita also made every swoon as she sang her vows for Miguel.)

Bring on the feels: "For me this moment is all I will ever need. This moment is what I'm going to go back to when I'm down, when I'm alone. This moment right now, you looking at me smiling. I'm not a perfect husband and I don’t think I'll ever will be, but I will spend the rest of my life trying to deserve this moment. I love you." - Miguel



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