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In Focus: Find Your Guiding Light With the Use of Chinese Metaphysics

In Focus: Find Your Guiding Light With the Use of Chinese Metaphysics

At one point in life, many of us have found ourselves feeling lost and not knowing what to do or which path to take, finding it difficult to take some risk, to make what feels like a life-changing decision, or to take charge of their lives because of all of the fears and challenges they have deep inside their heart, which in someway are stopping them from achieving their goals and going big in life. There are some who have fallen many times and don’t really know how to rise again, losing hope and getting depressed. It is during this point that we just want to yell for help or wish that someone would pull us up and help us walk again. And that’s one of the core reasons why this group of Chinese metaphysics practitioners formed the Beacon of Light.

Living true to their motto of “Light comes just when you thought you have lost all things into darkness,” the group aims to shed light on all types of people going through some dark times in their personal lives. "We aim to reach out to many as possible with love and light via Chinese Metaphysics." the group says on their official Facebook page. Among the many Chinese Metaphysics that members of Beacon of Light specializes in are Face Reading, Feng Shui, and Bazi.

Face Reading. Providing handy insights into your hidden personality, Face Reading also reveals many things about past, present, and a hint of what the future may hold for you. 

Feng Shui. One of the more popular Chinese philosophical systems, Feng Shui harmonizes everyone with the surrounding environment to achieve harmony and balance in life. 

Bazi. This ancient and extremely accurate system of Chinese Astrology also known as "Four Pillars of Destiny" is meant to interpret the time and date of your birth to determine your type of personality and it will most likely affect different aspects of your life from career and relationship.


Shedding light on us Filipinos are two of Beacon of Light’s experts Enme Liew and Leslie Khor with The Power of Now, a two-day seminar workshop on Feng Shui and Bazi on September 10-11, 2016. A former professor in Malaysia's Segi University, Khor is also an experienced consultant on Yijing. Liew, on the other hand has three core principles when it comes to her profession and that is to Build trust, show the light, and spread love.

The Power of Now will be held at Rothman Inn, N. Adriatico Street, near Robinson's Place Manila, Malate, from 9AM to 5PM on September 10-11, 2016. Seminar fee costs P12,000 or US $240.00 per person. This will be For two days with buffet lunch with coffee and tea served. To ensure maximum learning and participation, the event will be on  first-come first-serve basis. And only those who have paid on or before September 8 will be allowed in the seminar room. For reservations and payment and other details, you may contact Elizabeth Dy Go, authorized Beacon of Light Consultant at +63977-8337732; +632-6233738, +63922-8220780 or email 


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