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Daily Diaries: Learn How Reality Show "It Takes Gutz" Has Brought the Gutierrez Family Closer

Daily Diaries: Learn How Reality Show

“It really taught us how to be really close, how to be more tight-knit. It taught us that we’re stronger as a family when we’re together.”

This is how Raymond Gutierrez describes how their reality show It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez helped them as a family.

Matriarch Annabelle Rama, on the other hand, admits that they are now more comfortable this time around, as the show enters its fourth season. Annabelle recountes during a live chat with Sky Cable that in the show’s first season, she felt uncomfortable at first but eventually got used to the show’s concept. “Relaxed na ako, nasanay na ako,” Annabelle says, adding that now she’s more comfortable with the presence of a camera at home.

In spite of their family’s struggles, arguments, and activities made public through the show, the entire experience has been beneficial for the Gutierrez family as they became closer than ever. “You get to know your family a little bit more when you spend a lot of time together,” notes Raymond. They may not be a perfect family, but for Raymond, what matters more is how they resolve issues, such as the love-hate relationship between Annabelle and Ruffa.

Annabelle’s straightforward answer to how she keeps her marriage to Eddie Gutierrez and her relationship with Ruffa intact, quirks and all? “Dapat yung isa sa inyo, magpapasensiya.


Catch the fourth season of “It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez” every Monday, 8:30PM at E! Philippines channel.


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