In Focus: The New Face of Smart Watches

In Focus: The New Face of Smart Watches

You can tell how much things have changed and how technology has evolved over the past decade or so when you see people browsing the internet, checking their emails, or responding to a text message on their wrist. Something that we used to joke about back in the day when talking about what we think futuristic gadgets will be like in the future, is, well, here today. Now, smart watches have become a rapdily growing trend which tech giant Apple have boosted when it launched the Apple Watch last year.

“The category of smart or connected watches itself has been existing for years,” says Romain Cans, Area Sales Director of TAG Heuer during the launch of the TAG Heuer Connected in Manila last week. “But I think we need to, somehow, give homage to Apple because it’s them that really boosted this trend.”

Indeed, many big brands such as Samsung, LG, and Huawei among many others, have all jumped into this trend, not only because they don’t want to be left out by their competitors but, more importantly, because all of them recognize the potential of the wearable technology and the need and demand of the consumers to stay connected. “I remember when I was a teenager, when my parents used to give me coins to go to a machine so I could call them when I need them to pick me up. Today, I have it on my wrist—a little computer,” Cans adds.

 TAG Heuer Connect in different colors


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The idea is to have your watch connect to you smartphone, so that you’ll get real time notification when you receive a message or a call, and be able to respond accordingly without having to bring out your phone from your pocket, or to hold it at all time. But what’s interesting to see is how each of these big brands, known for the technological advancements of their products, interprets what a smart watch should be like. And just by looking at all the models dominating the market today, you can tell that each of them have focused on one aspect more than the other.

For Swiss luxury brand TAG Heuer, for example, one of the things that they’ve really put into consideration is the look of the watch. The iconic brand known for its exquisite and timeless design and quality, wanted to retain their DNA with their first foray into the smart watches category. As Cans explains, “We wanted to develop a watch that looks like a watch more than anything.” The TAG Heuer Connected with Intel inside is what you get when innovative craftsmanship and technology join forces. It has the classic and elegant look that is a staple for all TAG Heuer watches with three of its most recognizable dials or watch faces turned digital (the 3-hand dial, the Chronograph, and the GMT dial) but when you tap it, the screen comes to life and gives you access to technology. 

Whether the other brands will soon follow and start producing smart watches that looks like the classic watch that we all used to know, but with added functionalities, is yet to be seen. But as for where this smart watch trend will go, Cans says "No idea today. But is it at the beginning? Very much so." 


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