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The Six Fix: Alex Gonzaga-Ways of Prepping to Be the Best Tita Ever!

The Six Fix: Alex Gonzaga-Ways of Prepping to Be the Best Tita Ever!

"On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you for the baby?"

"Eleven!" Soon-to-be tita Alex Gonzaga answers enthusiastically. It's obvious that she's very much excited for the arrival of her sister's baby. While she's very known in giving out straight out answers to every person's love problems, it turns out that even as a first time tita, she's all prepped to be the second mom of her pamangkin

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Now don't you want to be like her? She shares her ways on how to be the best tita ever! 


1. Just be yourself. Staying true to your core is the first thing you must do. Since Alex and Toni (and their family in general) are closely knit to each other, she's a role model to the baby, thus no room for secrets or tall tales. Plus, with Alex's funny personality, it's sure to keep the baby laughing all day!


2. Be excited! And love the kid even if he has yet to be born. In doing so, you'll find yourself doing all sorts of things in welcoming him on his way out.


3. Be on call. "Whenever my pregnant sister wants anything, she can call me anytime," Alex shares. It's the time she needs much helpso always be on stand by, whether it's a green mango craving or a need for someone to sing songs to the baby. [related: Cheat Sheet: How to Throw Your Own Baby Shower a la Toni Gonzaga's!]


4. Buy stuff for the future pamangkinBecause shopping for the little one is never a chore! Rows upon rows of cute miniature socks and shirts = stress-reliever.


5. Think of her tita name. She wants hers to be uniquenot the usual nicknames. Talk about making an impression!


6. Practice! Because Tita Cathy is too eager she needs to get her hands on a doll to practice. Way to go!


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