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In Focus: What Would JaDine Do at These Scenic Greece Sights?

In Focus: What Would JaDine Do at These Scenic Greece Sights?

As of this writing, Nadine Lustre and James Reid are on their way to Greece to shoot scenes for their upcoming teleserye Till I Met You. With Greece being one of Nadine’s dream destinations, the location is also fitting for JaDine, as they will be celebrating their sixth monthsary as a couple during their time of filming there. Director Tonet Jadaone shared photos of potential shoot locations for Till I Met You in Greece on her Instagram account, and we can't help but imagine all the fun and kilig moments James Reid and Nadine Lustre can share in these stunning places.

What would JaDine do (WwJDd) upon visiting these spots?


1. Fira Town. As  the capital and main town of Santorini, it is best known for its white-washed houses sitting by the edge of the Santorini caldera. Aside from the white-washed houses, Fira is a lively place at night, as it has a massive selection of shopping centers, restaurants, bars, and cafes.


WwJDd? They could go on a food crawl and try the different restaurants and cafés within the area, taking a bite of the best in Mediterranean cuisine. At night, they can visit the town's night bars for some entertainment.


2. Oia Town. Another prominent town in Santorini, this scenic village used to be a trading route during the late 19th and early 20th century. Aside from being the best spot for viewing the sunset, Oia town is the most Instagram-worthy of all towns in Santorini.

WwJDd? Since Oia Town is roughly 20 minutes from Fira Town by car, they could visit Oia town to catch the sunset, and take photos of each other with the beautiful sunset as their backdrop, then head back to Fira Town.


3. Red Beach. Located south of Fira town, this beach boasts of red sand, and is the most-visited beach in Santorini. Usually crowded with people, anyone will love the beautiful black-and-red rock formations made from hardened lava.


WwJDd? Climb down the rock formation and play around with the beach’s red sand, while wading by the shore. It's going to be a bit challenging (it's a hazard for landslides), so they should take extra caution when visiting this place.


4. Athens Acropolis. An ancient city standing above Athens, this place is home to historical buildings, and a major landmark depicting the glory days of Greece. Prominent Greek personalities like Aristotle and Socrates have produced some of their best works here.


WwJDd? Go on an educational journey and learn about the history behind these iconic structures. Tour guides can also discuss with them the teachings of Aristotle and Socrates, and how they remain relevant today. 


5. Nikolaos Agios. A coastal town located in Crete Island, this place is abundant in beaches, where most, if not all, are pefect places for relaxation. In addition to beaches, Nikolaos Agios gained prominence in cinemas after appearing in movies such as Mamma MiaLara Croft Tomb Rider: The Cradle of Life, and The Two Faces of January.


WwJDd? Go boating and fishing at Lake Voulismeni, Nikolaos Agios’ key landmark. Also, they could go visit its beaches for their dose of vitamin sea, and for some me time.



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