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The Six Fix: Mario Maurer Lists Down Things You Must Not Miss When in Thailand

The Six Fix: Mario Maurer Lists Down Things You Must Not Miss When in Thailand

The rainy days are not an excuse not to travel. Especially not when a Thai hottie personally visits your country to invite you to go and experience what they have to offer in theirs. Yep, we're talking about Mario Maurer.

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Last weekend, he was here to invite Filipinos to put Thailand in their travel bucketlists! If a glimpse of him isn't enough to convince you to plan your trip itinerary there ASAP, he gives you more reasons—he's generous to share his list of things you must not miss when in the Land of Smiles!

He says, "I'm proud to be Thai and introduce Thailand to my fans here in the Philippines. It is a very good opportunity to meet you guys and introduce my hometown, my country and yes, the many places for you guys to explore."


He entices us more with his introduction to the country: Five different provinces, each with their own culture, delish cuisine, and of course, Thai hospitality fronted with bright smiles ready for tourists—they're not called the Land of Smiles for nothing!

And that's just the beginning, here's what Mario wants you to try once you set foot in Thailand:


1. Shopping in Bangkok. Who doesn't love shopping? From clothes to pasalubong, find something you can take home in the lovely city of Bangkok. Other must-dos? "One thing, don't forget to take the Tuk Tuk. It's a type of transportation, similar to the jeepney for you guys," Mario shares. So while you scour the city for great finds, hop on this to get you from one shop to another!

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2. Massage in a boat at the Floating Market. The Thai superstar boasts of their great massage! "You can't forget to go to have a Thai massage. We're very good at massage." For a more unforgettable experience? While enjoying the unique market place at the Floating Market (yes, buy local goods while riding a boat!), chill and relax while someone gives you a rub at the back. Feel good!


3. Zipline in Chiang Mai. After a visit to the temples, unleash your inner adventure junkie by heading to one of the zipline tours in Chiang Mai! With lots of sights that come with the journey (lush greenery, magnificent waterfalls, and local villages), the 800-meter zipline is just a sweet bonus on top of everything.


4. Chill by the beaches in Pattaya. The fishing village is now bustling with lively people who love the nightlife and the beach. Since we Pinoys are naturally inclined to the waters, you'll find lounging by the seaside or feeling the breeze in your face when you parasail a familiar, yet different, encounter.


5. Elephant rides! Probably the top of mind attraction when someone mentions Thailand. Mario promotes this furtherhe says that their elephants can draw! Can they get any more interesting?


6. Indulge in Thai cuisine. Mario's recos? "I love Pad Thai! We also have Tom Yum Kungit’s a soup. Right now, we have a local experience where you can learn to cook Thai food." Foodie experience level up!


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