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Hot Stuff: Your Holy Grail To A Glowing Complexion Is Here

Hot Stuff: Your Holy Grail To A Glowing Complexion Is Here

Keeping our cool for promising whitening soaps is pretty tough; we’re suckers for baby-smooth and envy-inducing glowing skin, yes? Thus, when kojic soaps entered the beauty scene, almost everyone’s screaming they're the real deal.

Still not a kojic soap believer? Let EB Naturals Skin Lightening Kojic Soap’s benefits do the talking:


It evens out your skin tone. Kojic acid is a powerful skin whitening ingredient: It effectively reduces dark spots and blemishes to reveal fairer and radiant skin. If treating your uneven complexion is your goal, this beauty find is at your service.


It smoothens your skin. Kojic soap can exfoliate the skin, eliminate impurities such as blackheads and whiteheads, and unclog pores—unforgivingly. If that doesn’t make it a winner, we don’t know what else will.


It whitens your skin without the drying effect. Don’t let the “acid” part scare you. Despite its powerful skin whitening ingredient, it’s gentle enough to keep skin smooth and soft. Again, it’s a gem.


It doesn’t break the bank. The price tag shouldn’t dictate which one is effective and which is not. With EB Naturals Skin Lightening Kojic Soap, you can get your desired results for only P33! How can you not be a fan of this skin and budget savior?


Considering all our beauty woes, it’s absolutely understandable to go crazy over the one product that actually works. So just in case you feel like stockpiling this Holy Grail under your sink, we won’t judge you—promise.


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