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It's Time To Step Up Your Pancake Game

It's Time To Step Up Your Pancake Game





Queso de Bola Hotcakes with Spam Tocino and Palawan Honey

Serves 4


1/3 cup milk

1/3 cup corn oil

1/3 cup water

1/3 cup sifted all-purpose flour

1 egg

4 slices Spam Tocino

1/2 cup grated queso de bola

1/4 cup margarine

3 tablespoons Palawan honey


1. In a mixing bowl, combine milk, corn oil and water. In another bowl, add flour and

uncracked egg. Place both bowls in the freezer for at least 30 minutes.

2. Cook Spam Tocino slices in a skillet. Use an offset spatula to easily remove the slices from the pan.

3. Remove bowls from the freezer. Crack egg into the milk mixture and mix well. Then add flour to the milk-egg mixture and mix well.

4. Heat a nonstick skillet. Ladle the hotcake batter into the skillet to make hotcakes. Add grated queso de bola over each hotcake.

5. Flip over the hotcakes once little bubbles start forming. Repeat until all the batter is finished.

6. Serve hotcakes while  still warm, with margarine, Palawan honey and Spam Tocino on the side. Sprinkle more queso de bola over hotcakes.


Recipe by JP Anglo and Claudia Schulze, originally published in Food Magazine. Photograph by Patrick Mateo. Styling by Angelo Comsti.




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