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Conversations: Arriane Serafico On Figuring Out Your "Why" And Staying Focused When "Life Happens"

Conversations: Arriane Serafico On Figuring Out Your

From starting with a job in the senate to delving into social enterprise via Rags2Riches, she has now set the bar herself and created an empire of her own. Arriane Serafico, brand and digital strategist and founder of Braver Goals, an online goal-getting course for why-driven women who are current or aspiring entrepreneurs, bloggers, or freelancers, stepped out of her comfort zone and did what her heart told her to—pursuing her goal of influencing and inspiring others through her wisdom and sharing her personal experiences as well as learnings throughout the course of her journey to discovering and honing her passion and aspirations in life.


Crafting a 90-day bootcamp for course-takers as well as shorter free for download courses on finding your focus, Arriane aims to lead them towards one’s purpose, along with other skills they need to be equipped with as a startup, or simply someone who wants to finally be on track in achieving her personal goals and living the life she's always dreamt of. “I’ve seen far too many extremely talented and hard-working creatives give up just because nobody cared enough to help them up, cheer them on, keep them accountable, or give them strategic advice,” she shares. Her strat is compacted into a structured system of missions that will take you from figuring out your Why, defining your destination, and helping you get there by setting up daily systems that build consistency and focus.

This online venture is a product of Arriane’s desire for challenge, fascination in the ever-evolving technology, and making an impact. And she did—working really hard and banking on lots of research and gaining more knowledge on different experiences she has gone through, every day. “I fill it with lots of personal examples and stories of how I was able to implement the strategies in varied situations over the past seven years. These are things I’ve road-tested on actual projects, business experiments, fundraisers, and the like,” she discloses. And never has she thought this will be an actual hit, but 110 students after, 130 currently and countless others on the waitlist, we can safely say that she’s made it.

Be inspired by this lady who makes a difference:


ABS-CBN Lifestyle: You've always wanted to make a difference in other people's lives, but what was the single defining moment that made you decide to do what you do today? 

Arriane: "I don’t really believe in one definite Hallelujah moment that suddenly changes your life. It’s such an overrated movie concept! We put so much emphasis on that one Eureka moment, that most of us tend to sit around waiting for that big moment to arrive. In my experience (and by observing the people that I really admire), wherever we are right now in our lives is always the product of a hundred decisions you’ve made in the past. Sure, some will be more important or major than others, but all these choices you make along the way really contribute to who you are at any given moment in your life."

ABS-CBN Lifestyle: What's a typical day for you like? 

Arriane: "I used to glorify the fact that no day is typical—but to be honest, the more routine you build into your day, the more brain power you free up for more difficult things! So I’ve really tried to create more routines in my day-to-day. My body clock wakes me up at around 5:30AM, I spend the first 30 minutes meditating and journaling so I’m more focused and grateful throughout the entire day. I try to do all my brain-heavy work in the early morning, such as writing and strategy, while my brain is fresh and sharp. Then, I work out, take a midday break (and sometimes a nap)—then finish the rest of my to-do list. The great thing about being your own boss is that you have complete control of how you spend your time! I used to be a major workaholic with no boundaries between personal and work life, but now I’m more mindful of giving myself time to rest and spend more time with people, less time with screens."


ABS-CBN Lifestyle: What do you love most about what you do and what's the most challenging thing about it? 

Arriane: "I think it’s one and the same: What I love most, is also the most challenging thing about what I do. Currently, I’m really geeking out over the intersection between technology and education. I think that we live in such an exciting time, and we’re in the middle of this huge global revolution. Education as we experienced it 10 or 20 years ago, is becoming more and more irrelevant in the face of technology and connectivity. I love that tech is always evolving. It’s been so challenging and so life-giving all at the same time! I wake up everyday excited to try out something new that I just learned, or with a nagging question at the back of my head that I can’t wait to research and experiment on."

ABS-CBN Lifestyle: One common excuse of many for not taking action towards their goals is "life happens," what would you like to tell them? 

Arriane: "I find that excuse funny, because it’s as if you have two lives: One where you have responsibilities, and one where you’d like to what you want. In truth: They’re one and the same! You only have one life, and contrary to popular belief, you have complete control over what happens in your life. You can say no, or say yes. You can change something. You can quit. You can start. If something is important to you, you won’t just try and find time for it—you will MAKE time to pursue it. Another version of that excuse is, 'I’ll do it when I’m not busy.' But let’s face it! When will you ever be not busy? There is never a time when you're not busy. So it's your responsibility to consciously make time and space for your own learning and growth, because, who else will? Stop waiting for growth to  magically happen to you."

ABS-CBN Lifestyle: What do you do when "life happens" to you? Do you allow it to just happen? 

Arriane: "There’s this John Maxwell quote which I really think is so true: 'Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.' I’m always trying (really trying!) to look at anything that happens to me through lenses of positivity and opportunity. There are bad times when I allow myself one to two days to sulk and cry and laze around, but that gets boring after a while!"


ABS-CBN Lifestyle: You have such an amazing system for goal-setting, can you share with us the most memorable experience you have from the time you were crafting it? 

Arriane: "It’s less about me crafting it than it is about the system crafting me! What I teach now is a system that I’ve personally developed over the years—from my own experience, from things that I’ve learned in different positions and jobs I’ve held, skills I’ve learned from bosses, mentors, and peers. The execution part of it is primarily based on the design thinking mindset and the lean startup process, but I transformed and applied these techniques (normally reserved for design and business situations) to my personal life. But the foundation is built upon a Why-Driven method, which I picked up from my classes and experience in social development, social entrepreneurship, and human-centered social innovation."

ABS-CBN Lifestyle: What's your life mantra? 

Arriane: "One, you get out of life what you put into it. Two, give yourself permission. Three, reframe your problems as opportunities. Four, fail early, fail often, and always take down notes. Five, passion and purpose are outward experiences, not inward reflections. And finally, listen, notice, and be curious."

ABS-CBN Lifestyle: On days when things do not go your way, what keeps you going? 

Arriane: "Taking breaks, yoga, working out, being silly with my dogs, talking with my best friend, hanging out with my barkada. Sometimes you just gotta say, well, I’m just gonna enjoy this day, clear my head, and deal with that tomorrow!"


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Photographs by Jazon Roque / Shot on location at Sunnies Cafe





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