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Couple Peg: Hideo Muraoka and Fatima Rabago, Life Partners Conquering Pinoys' Hearts

Couple Peg: Hideo Muraoka and Fatima Rabago, Life Partners Conquering Pinoys' Hearts

Thursday is Feels Day on Lifestyle! And what better way to celebrate this than by featuring real-life couples who totally represent #relationshipgoals? Learn from our choice couple pegs on all things love and life!


Theirs is the quintessential story of two perfectly beautiful people getting together: Models meeting through a common friend while they were away from home making their modeling dreams come true. But while many model couples don't last, Hideo Muraoka and Fatima Rabago are the exception to the rule—and strong testament to the fact that love can win no matter how crazy your schedule gets, how much temptation is going around, and even if you have to do LDR from time to time because of where your work takes you.

Last night, national television bore witness to Hideo and Fatima's strong and peg-worthy love for each other when the latter entered the Pinoy Big Brother house to help the Brapanese hunk in a challenge. Hideo may not have fared well in the basketball shootout, but he got to see and express his feelings to his lady love once again after them being away from each other for a couple of months. How much Fatima inspires Hideo was apparent during the challenge, after her whispered sweet messages of affection enlivened him to perform better in the next round.

This stint of Hideo on Pinoy Big Brother is perhaps one of the longest times they've been separated as a couple (with no communication at all), yet you know just by seeing their reunion last night that their love for each other hasn't waned one bit—another reason that makes our romantic Pinoy hearts love this pair even more. Because yes, even before Hideo forayed into showbusiness and PBB, their beautiful little family has already charmed its way into the hearts of many via social media, and before then, through the reputations they built as two of the most professional and nicest foreign models to arrive on Philippine shores. And of course, we also have to talk about their adorable daughter, Daniela, who's just too cute for words.

It's been more or less half a decade since they moved to Manila, and they have also both achieved much individually, with Fatima putting up her own swimwear line and getting into makeup artistry and Hideo foraying into photography and showbusiness. But more than looking impeccably good and being accomplished in their own right, they represent the kind of relationship many aspire to have: One that’s real, giving, and solid, yet fun and never boring. Let their love for each other inspire you to dream and aim for a love that's perfect even if you aren't:

On what they find the sexiest about each other

Fatima on Hideo: “For me, his tattoo, eyes, abs, and lips are really sexy. I also like it that he’s really kind—like a kid, but in a good way.”

Hideo on Fatima: “I love her personality. She’s a very strong woman, very determined. When it comes to her body, my favorite are her eyes and legs.”

On being life partners

“We’re in love with each other, we support each other in whatever he/she wants to do—besides being a couple, we’re a team; a team that’s working hard to build the best possible life and to give our daughter a bright future.” –Fatima

On making it work

"You need lots of patience and understanding from both parties—you have to make it work, you have to be best friends and be honest and sincere to each other. We’re good friends we look at the future the same way. You have to work hard to be together. It's not easy if you want to be together with a person for a long time. Love comes easy but long-term relationships you have to work on every day." –Fatima

"[The key is] Balancing every aspect of your life—family, relationship, work, learning. Once you get that balance it becomes easier." –Hideo

On how they express their love

“It’s the everyday things that are important. We show how much we love each other in everything that we do. Of course grand gestures are great and we do that, but we don’t need big gifts to know how special we are to one another.” –Hideo

"We’re not all about the grand gestureswe’re really simple. I don’t need big gifts because when I need him he’s there so that’s really nice." –Fatima

On what they love most about each other

“Hideo is very hardworking and responsible, he really takes care of me and Daniela and he has such a big heart even for other people. He’s a really positive person he has a vision he thinks a lot he’s always looking something to be better at challenging himself to go forward.” –Fatima

“My favorite is her personality. We’re best friends, she’s very strong and decisiveif she wants something, she goes for it; she balances everything, its perfect. Fatima is a great mother, and a great partner in life. I’m really happy and thankful that I have her.” –Hideo 


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Photographs from and Interview excerpts from Metro Magazine's January 2012 and February 2013 issues.




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