Cheat Sheet: Here’s How to Boredom-Proof Yourself When You're Stuck in Traffic

Cheat Sheet: Here’s How to Boredom-Proof Yourself When You're Stuck in Traffic

The feeling of getting stuck in traffic is something that we are all too familiar with. Whether you’re running late for a meeting or you’re just too exhausted from work that you just want to get home ASAP, only to find the roads jam packed. But what’s worse than that, aside from missing an episode of your favorite TV show, is when the people you're with start to get bored and cranky in the back seat. But thanks to technology, there are more ways to entertain ourselves as we brave the dreaded rush-hour traffic—all we need is a smartphone and we’re pretty much good to go. “Consumption of mobile entertainment has grown exponentially over the past years. Today, customers no longer wait for their favorite shows on their TV screens. Instead, they dictate what they want to watch when and where they want to,” notes Albert de Larrazabal, Globe Chief Commercial Officer, at the launch of Globe Studios, the umbrella platform that houses all of the brand's content providers.

With millions of apps ready for download, it is only matter of choice which one to get that will somehow help us kill time when the main roads suddenly turn into a parking lot (and a full one at that). Here are exciting new content now available here in Manila to help you fight boredom or to just indulge on when you please:

For the kids and kids at heart. If you’re with your kids, there are child-friendly apps that you may download on your phone or iPad that allows them to stream over 100 of their favorite shows such Disney Channel, Disney XD, and Disney Junior, as well the the authenticated versions of Cartoon Network Watch and Play and Cartoon Network Anything that hosts a stack of engaging content from well-loved cartoons such as Adventure Time, and The Amazing World of Gumball.

For the gaming aficionados. If you or your beau are huge gamers, you can access eGG Network or Every Good Game, the first ever 24/7 e-Sports network in Southeast asia, where you can watch tournaments like DOTA 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. 

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For TV and/or movie junkies. If you’re a TV and/or movie junkie, Netflix will be your best friend. Yes, Netflix, here in the Philippines. You know what this means, right? We can now binge watch our favorite TV series on our phones, while on the road!

For the singing goddess in you. And if you’re one of those who likes to bring out their inner Beyonce and Ariana Grande while in traffic, the popular Karaoke App Sing! By Smule, couldn’t be more perfect for you. With more than 500,000 songs to choose from, you will be able to record a duet with your favorite artists and share it to the world. You’ll never know who’s going to see it, a talent scout perhaps?

Now don't these make for fun car rides?



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