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In Focus: How Liza Soberano’s Beauty Impressed Selena Gomez and Catapulted Her to Gigi Hadid Levels

In Focus: How Liza Soberano’s Beauty Impressed Selena Gomez and Catapulted Her to Gigi Hadid Levels

It’s past 1 PM and Liza Soberano has gone through about a dozen interviews, yet the young beauty is still all smiles—she’s just been launched as the newest Filipina ambassador of Maybelline New York, putting her right up there with Gigi Hadid, Jourdan Dunn, Adriana Lima, among others, the top model spokespersons of the brand, so she has major reason to be happy. But then again, the girl has gotten barely any sleep after a long day’s taping of her hit teleserye Dolce Amore, so we won’t really blame her if she isn’t in high spirits—yet she is, engaging each and every person who props her voice recorder near her face and charming those who aim their lenses to capture a perfect shot of hers, sans any indication of pagod and puyat.

Liza's trusted makeup artist, Mickey See, details the look he did for her: "I focused more on the eyes, inspired by Liza's idols din, Gigi, Selena, etc. The peg is fierce so mas dark yung eyeshadow niya, then yung lips niya nude lang. I used Liza's fave which is Clay Crush 656."


“I am just really happy and excited—actually, I’m shy because you guys always say that I am in the ranks of Gigi Hadid but it’s just really here in the Philippines, but it also feels like the same thing so I am really happy about that,” the porcelain-skinned beauty enthused when I asked her about this latest achievement of hers. Her trusted stylist, Perry Tabora, also recalled how excited Liza was when she found out she’ll have the same endorsement as Gigi. “Super idol niya nga si Gigi, so yung shoot super fun and super easy lang.”

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Liza can very well be the Philippines’ Gigi Hadid, what with her angelic face coupled with her cool, yet still feminine, edge. “I like how she always go for the natural look, and she just looks like an angel all the time. I love also the way she dresses because even if her face looks like the face of an angel, she dresses really edgy—she’s cool,” she says of her idol. Well, she just described herself, don’t you think?


Things are really looking up and going fast for the 18-year-old, who has not only made it to the top tier of several "World's Most Beautiful" lists but has actually gotten offers from modeling agencies through her Instagram posts. She has also grown so much as an actress, evidenced by her on point portrayal of the sophisticated yet feisty and street smart Selena Marchesa on Dolce Amore, and has been getting one endorsement after another, from clothing and personal care brands to food!

One other person who was impressed by Liza’s beauty? None other than pop superstar Selena Gomez, whom the young actress got to meet backstage at the former’s concert in Manila last Sunday. “She was really nice and warm, like she’s the one who approached me first talaga because I was just in the corner cause I was shy,” Liza recalls. “I told her that I loved her, and she said, ‘Aww, you're beautiful, babe.’ I just love her, despite being tired, we know that she travels every day for her tours, she really spends time with her fans.”

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After having worked with her a few times over the course of her career, I also know for a fact that this young lady hopes to inspire others—so how does she plan to wield her beauty and influence to help her fellow Filipinas? “I want to help make girls, especially young girls my age, feel more confident about themselves with the help of course of makeup because it can take you a long way. If you just have a simple makeup on or a little bit of lipstick on, it can actually make you feel loads prettier. I don’t know, it can just get you places.”

"Her look today is very New York, very fashionista with the leather and studs. The jacket is by Dennis Celestial," shares celebrity stylist Perry Tabora.


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