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Trending List: Anne, Jessy, Bela, Kim, and Gretchen's Secret for Long Hair in A Snap

Trending List: Anne, Jessy, Bela, Kim, and Gretchen's Secret for Long Hair in A Snap

Anne Curtis has been growing out her hair since her last lob (long bob) haircut, and while her tresses were at a pretty good length, her Japan trip photos gave us a glimpse of her even more voluminous 'do: Uber long, almost platinum blonde ombre locks.


Growing your hair to this length can take years, but Anne shared on Instagram how she was able to achieve it in an instant: She got hair extensions! Now, if you feel intimidated by this whole concept, don't be—Jessy Mendiola, Bela Padilla, Kim Chiu, and even TV journalist Gretchen Fullido are also fans.

“Celebrities love hair extensions because they can change their looks—add length, color, texture—without chemically changing and permanently damaging their hair, and since you need to amplify everything for television and movies, including your hair, most celebs resort to hair extensions for that extra oomph,” says Denise Aquino, owner of Tokyo P.O.S.H (Put On Styled Hair) where Anne, Jessy, Bela, Kim, and Gretchen, among many other celebs, get their extensions done.

There’s a wide variety to choose from: From Anne and Jessy’s semi-permanent HairTalk extensions (you can actually style them and even wear them when swimming) to clip on extensions, which are more ideal for shoots and events especially if you want less commitment because you can just clip them on—all of which you can find in various hair colors, lengths, and styles (straight or curly). There are also buns and braids if you want easy, more laidback transformations. Check out how Anne, Jessy, Kim, Bela, and Gretchen style theirs:


Anne Curtis. The Princess of All Media had her extensions colored by Telleish Hair Studio in Australia, for an even more beachy vibe.


Kim Chiu. Kim likes her extensions sleek, lustrous, simple, wearing them effortlessly straight, or, when the occasion calls for it, in voluminous waves.


Bela Padilla. Bela recently cut her hair to bob length, but she wears extensions from time to time to amp up her glam femme glow.


Gretchen Fullido. The Star Patroller wears hairband extensions made from natural hair, which she can easily take on and off without fiddling with clips and seamlessly go with her sexy girl locks.


Jessy Mendiola. This year's Number 1 Sexiest likes her long hair extensions running wild and free, but still all shiny and full of life.


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