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Daily Diaries: Go with the Feels with These 10 Travel Hugots

Daily Diaries: Go with the Feels with These 10 Travel Hugots

Oh, how we love traveling, don't we? These days, a getaway to Palawan or Cebu is as common as getting stuck in EDSA traffic (think of this: we get to, say, Palawan in less than two hours and it's the same as your travel time from Cubao to Guadalupe). Escaping the city is now more than just luxury, it's a breather from all the burnout caused by stressstress from the daily grind, stress from unresolved issues, stress from your anxieties, stress from your one big heartbreak of four years.

Tina-travel na lang para makalimot.


Sounds familiar? Well, of courseeveryday, everywhere, hugots rule social media and, let's face it, your hopia friends', and the friends of their friends, and to their other friends', minds. With traveling becoming more and more an essential in life, it wasn't exempt as inspiration to all the feels the world needs to devour. Thus, travel hugot memes overload.

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One page on Facebook was dedicated to cater to all kinds of traveler's feels on all this love. Travel Thoughts PH delivers memes that are easily relatable and funny. What started out as an outlet of expression for web designer and climber Carl Angelo Tardecilla in May became such a hit, and now people can't help but share his works over and over again. 

Now to flood the feels, we compiled some of Travel Thoughts PH's memes for youto inspire you to travel and feel the love and laugh the ache off your chest. 'Cause sometimes, all you need is to...


Bato-bato sa langit, and tamaan.. Sapul.


On a scale of 1 to 10, gaano ka kagaling mag-drawing? "Hi, friends."


Malandi ka kasi, e.


Hopia episode #7262529.


Guys, for your next pick-up line to The GF.


Antayin mo lang, darating 'yan.


At siya rin ang uumpog sa ulo mo para matauhan ka na.


Ang hangin, pre!


And we're not done with Pa(c)k, Ganern!


How about you, what's your travel hugot? Let us know in the comments section below!


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