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In Focus: Here's Why Getting Fit Shouldn't Just Be about Losing Weight

In Focus: Here's Why Getting Fit Shouldn't Just Be about Losing Weight

We’re so used to living the modern, convenient life (cars, Uber, elevators, escalators) that even the simplest task seems like a huge burden, and walking for a few minutes or taking the stairs feels like an intense workout that by time we reach our destination we’re already catching our breath. But, really, all these are just signs of weakness and are often caused by our sedentary lifestyle. While many people are easily discouraged by working out because of the hard work and pain that you must endure, achieving your goals wouldn’t happen by just sitting around all day. As Aaron Dela Cruz, Head Coach at fitness studio Alpha Strength and Alpha Strike explains, “Becoming stronger is not easy; it will test you, it will disappoint, and just like life, it's not a walk in the park. That’s why getting strong is worth it." 

Indeed strength is the key to functioning well in our everyday life, and it greatly contributes to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. So instead of aiming to lose your flabs, set your sights on getting stronger, because everything else will follow (hello, hotness level 100!). Coach Aaron has these tips to help you make sure you get the most out of your workout:


Learn the correct movement patterns. Incorrect movement patterns are what usually causes pain when working out. And it can be fixed by analyzing what is it exactly that you're doing wrong. If you're not sure, you can always ask a fitness expert or a gym instructor/coach to guide you. There are also programs that are specifically designed to fix this and build your physical and mental strength in the long run. Once you get the right movements, working out will not exactly be easy, but you will start seeing the result of your hard work and building your stamina along the way.

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Work on your weak points. Determine which activity you find most difficult and focus on that. Find the perfect trainer/coach that can best address your concern, and slowly build on it. It won’t be easy an ride, but with hard work and dedication, things will eventually pay off. And in no time, you'll be breezing through that extra set of squats or burpees.


Adapt to stress. In order for the human body to get better in any aspect of movement, sport, and even life, it needs to adapt to stress. This is the only way for the body–and mind–to get better. You can do this by utilizing multi-joint compound movements and Powerlifting exercises such as squats, press, and deadlift thrice per week and combine that with weightlifting exercises done twice a week (Snatch and Clean & Jerk).


Alpha Strength is located at the ground floor of SPARTA Philippines, 16 Pioneer St. Mandalyuong city. For inquiries/ reservations you may contact 0917-3776 (mobile/Viber/WhatsApp).


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