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The Six Fix: Quotes from Our Fave Females that Will Make You Love Yourself, Imperfections and All

The Six Fix: Quotes from Our Fave Females that Will Make You Love Yourself, Imperfections and All

Criticism will always be part of our lives. As much as we hate hearing negative comments on our work, on our talents, and yes, on our physical beauty, there are people who'll see past through the good and remark on your flaws. As much as we'd like to live in a better place, there is no escaping the reality—there will always be those who will nitpick and judge.

With the recent controversy on Jessy Mendiola's win as the sexiest woman of a men's magazine annual list, netizens went haywire with comments about how she doesn't deserve the title. While it's every person's prerogative to voice out their own opinion, putting a woman down just because she's not your standard of the word is overboard. Even Thought Catalog shared their take on why people keep on bashing the confident instead of letting her take the glory that is rightfully hers.

And Jessy's not alonewe, at some point of our lives, have experienced being put down in our own little (or big) ways. And as much as it hurts, the best thing to do is stand up, fight, and continue to live your life. If you find yourself or know someone who is currently in this situation, be inspired by words of wisdom from these ladies who know encouragement equates to care. And sometimes, it's just what we need. 





Lea Salonga nails it with the classic, "It's in the eye of the beholder." Indeed.


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