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Daily Diaries: Nick Vujicic Teaches You to Rise Above Every "No"

Daily Diaries: Nick Vujicic Teaches You to Rise Above Every

“Fear and loneliness are two bigger disabilities than not having arms and legs.”

This was Nick Vujicic’s message as he made his opening remarks in front of two sets of audience (one for the 2PM talk, the other for the 8PM talk) occupying the Smart Araneta coliseum. Among Nick’s notable guests for his Manila Trip include Team Kramer:


And TV broadcaster Karen Davila, who was among Nick’s guest speakers during his afternoon talk:


The successful motivational speaker openly shared his personal struggles and insecurities, including the number of rejected calls (52 to be exact) he had before scoring his first speaking gig. Having zero experience in giving talks back then, Nick credits his school’s janitor in pushing him to become a speaker. "You don't know what comes with seeds of encouragement," said Nick.

Following his school janitor's encouragement, Nick was determined to be a speaker. “Every time I got a no, I got better and better,” he shared to the audience, adding that he finally nailed his first speaking gig on his 53rd try, and the rest is history. To date, Nick deals with over 35,000 speaking invitations, catering to different groups of people.

As for living a happy and content life, Nick's secret is simple: “God has given you what you got; do something with it,” he responds to a question from the audience, adding that all of us have a purpose for existing. In spite of his physical limitations, he keeps on pushing further in trying new things. “What would Nick have achieved if he did not try? Nothing!” He told the audience.

Here are five nuggets of wisdom from Nick that you can apply as your mantra for your daily lives:

1. “Stop being angry; be thankful instead!”

2. “Take courage in trying new things.”

3. “With every failure is a step closer to success.”

4. “A life without failure is a classroom without a teacher."

5. “Live life, dream big, and never give up.”


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