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Hot Stuff: Listen to the New Ylona Garcia Song If Your Spirit Needs Uplifting

Hot Stuff: Listen to the New Ylona Garcia Song If Your Spirit Needs Uplifting

From the 13-year-old girl we knew from Pinoy Big Brother 737, Ylona Garcia has reached another milestone. Last Friday, she's officially a recording artist after, as she likes to call it, her digital concert/album launch/music party where she introduced the songs from her debut album, My Name Is Ylona Garcia!

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It was a fun, lively, and unforgettable night with family, friends, and fans as Ylona serenaded them with her hits "I'm Not Yo Bae," "Stop Think," and "O Pag-ibig" (with onscreen partner, Bailey May), among others.


Her phenomenal success is definitely on the verge. And we can see that her talentand her wisdom will take her further. Four years shy from being a legal adult yet she's mature beyond her yearsone of the songs she performed, entitled "Each Day," is a song she wrote herself. She says, "I wrote 'Each Day' because I know that people all around the world are going through their own battles. So I thought, you know what, let's make an uplifting song because for me it's really about what the people need to hear."


Here are some lines from this song to start your day on an inspiring note:

1. To someone who's hurting. "I'll be there to save you from the pain."

2. To someone who needs confidence. "Always be who you are, 'cause you're perfect."

3. To someone who's struggling in the climb. "Keep on going 'til you can't no more."

4. To someone who's losing faith. "I know it gets harder but trust me, it gets better along the way."

5. To everyone. "I'll be there for you each day."


She's more than just a pretty face indeedand we can't wait to see (and hear) more of what she's got in store for all of us. Listen to "Each Day," and to her other songs, now available for streaming on Spotify. Her album will be available on record stores this coming August.


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