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A Five-Step Guide to Easy Fruity Concoctions

A Five-Step Guide to Easy Fruity Concoctions

1. Get the freshest ripe fruits.

2. Separate them into your desired serving quantity, whether for smoothies, purées, or sauces.

3. Store them in stackable containers with sealable lids. They’re easy to store in the freezer and if you have a stick blender, you can blend straight in the container and store the smoothie or purée right there.

4. You can also store frozen fruits in spacesaving resealable plastic bags. Just throw the contents into a blender for an instant smoothie.

5. Use plastic ice bags to freeze thin liquids like citrus juices. Just fill up the small compartments in the bag. Once the bag is frozen, just break off the portioned fruit, throw into a blender or use as ice cubes for your tea or juices.


Original article by Sandra Celi, published in Food Magazine.




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