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Hot Stuff: There's One Big "Hugot" Party Around the Corner and You Wouldn't Want to Miss This!

Hot Stuff: There's One Big

Us Pinoys never really seem to run out of ideas to lighten things up and have a good laugh over. Not so long ago, it was the often cheesy but hilarious pickup lines that were trending on social media, now, it’s the hugot lines that have been making waves not only online but well… everywhere! Be it the stormy weather, the clients at work, or the food we eatyou can pretty much pull a hugot line out of anything and everything.




One arena that totally fuels all our hugot feels? Music—because, you know, how can you forget the song that was playing when you first saw The One (or who you thought was The One), the background track during your first date, the song that you can so relate to when he broke up with you?

Proof that such types of songs play a major role in our daily lives? Well, get this: One of the top three most streamed playlists on Spotify in the Philippines is, what else, #Hugot.

On this hit playlist, you'll find songs that give us all the feels such as "Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough,” “Best Thing I Never Had,” and “Set You Free" by Side A.  "Not surprisingly Filipinos are very true to local talent. Top Hits Philippines, OPM favorites, and #Hugot are among the top playlists Filipinos are listening to. I think what is really interesting is that we look at this in every country, and apart from the playlist that Spotify curates, we also want to see what local music fans are creating in the market, and obviously, again, [hugot] is very much part of Philippines."

And hey, hugot-loving you, Sunita also shares some exciting news: Mark the date on your calendars, August 2 will be your day, as Spotify has come up with a campaign called #August2PaRinKita (don't you just love that witty hashtag???!!!). “This whole campaign was really born from the fact that we saw such a trend and such a personality come out of the Philippines—all of the emotions that are associated with our day to day life.”

Sunita explains just exactly what all you hugot fanatics can expect and indulge on: “We are going to make a huge call out to the market to send Spotify a picture that represents a hugot moment for you, and also to pick a song from the #Hugot playlist, and if you tweet it to us what we would do is that we will take all of that information, we’ll send you back a picture, with the picture that you picked and a lyric from the song that you picked, to help you depict your hugot moment."

Now that's a totally cool hugot meme, don't you think?

For the full mechanics, click here.


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