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Daily Diaries: End of an Era for the Well-Loved Radio Show "The Morning Rush"

Daily Diaries: End of an Era for the Well-Loved Radio Show

As one of the longest-running radio shows in the Philippines, The Morning Rush has gained a sizable following and fan base in its 20 years of existence (they first went on air on July 8, 1996). With radio DJ Delamar Arias announcing that she will be leaving the show by July 29, a lot of listeners and fans feel sad about the announcement, making them cite that it is the end of an era. We just can't help but count the many things we'll miss about The Morning Rush:


1. Their chemistry. If we have John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo for movies, Chico Garcia and Delamar is the radio equivalent of our favorite John Lloyd-Bea tandem. Working together since the show’s inception (along with the addition of Gino Quillamor in 2011 and Bea Fabregas in 2015), radio listeners often admire how candid Chico and Delamar are during the show, no matter the topic. So candid, their occasional fights on-air (which still happen) are often mistaken as scripted.


2. Their ability to make a fan out of every type of listener, from a wide age range. From students going to school to young professionals heading to work, one cannot deny the diverse profile of listeners of The Morning Rush (avid listeners are called “Rushers”). How to capture such a broad audience? By curating topics that most, if not all, can relate to. Be it school/work woes, love life issues, or anything pop culture, The Morning Rush finds ways in order to make practically everyone relate to their show.


3. Their “Top 10” segments. A core segment in The Morning Rush, their “Top 10” segments stand out because listeners get a say on what the topics will be. In fact, there are already three books (along with several sites) compiling the best "Top 10" topics The Morning Rush has covered through the years. 


4. The interactivity of the show. If you have been using Twitter, you might notice that most of the time, hashtags that The Morning Rush uses make it to the list of trending topics. Their secret? It all goes back to the show’s early days, where they made good use of the internet (at its infancy) and other means of communication like SMS for their listeners to call or talk to them. Fast forward to today, listeners now have an easier time interacting with the hosts of The Morning Rush, thanks to social media.


5. Their influence. Beyond the radio show itself, Chico and Delamar have made a name for themselves as influential personalities. Be it hosting shows and events or having their own book, their voice have become a brand, an identity well loved by Filipinos.


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