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Daily Diaries: Crazy Moments You Can’t Help But Scream #HowDareYourHair

Daily Diaries: Crazy Moments You Can’t Help But Scream #HowDareYourHair

Not all days are #HairGoals-friendly. That you know already. Still, asking your crowning glory to be its best-tressed self has a spot in your everyday wishlist. And while committing to proper hair care routines help, these #HowDareYourHair moments just keep on ruining everything. If only you could talk to your unruly, frizzy hair, you would probably scream…


“How dare you ruin my presentation!” Everything’s set for your upcoming presentation: Your competitive deck, convincing speech, respectable business attire—all except your buhaghag hair.

Tip: Messy hair gives the impression that you’re carefree and disorganized. And believe us, that is the kind of person your boss would least trust. Win your boss’s approval by presenting with confidence and of course, style. Tame your locks hours before the meeting, do retouch every once in a while, and make sure your hair’s not all over the place. It’s your big day! Don’t let your unmanageable hair get in the way.


“How dare you ruin my lovelife!” That "sparks fly" moment when meeting prince charming usually happens in the movies. In reality, bumping into your crush means awkward stares, clumsy moves, and crazy-wild locks almost all the time. Yep, bummer. 

Tip: Never leave the house with your “bahala na” hairstyle; you’ll never know when you’ll meet the one. Plus, healthy and luscious hair is one of the features men can’t resist. So turn heads by flaunting a gorgeous mane—without fail. Remember: First impressions last; put your best foot (and hair) forward.


“How dare you spoil my #partyvibes!” There you are, meticulously styling your locks for hours, hoping it'll be envy-worthy even just for the party.  Then after dancing the night away, poof—gulu-gulo na. Forget posting a picture perfect party ‘do, lady.

Tip: Keeping your hairstyle intact for hours is pretty tough; you can’t bring all the bulky hair tools to fix your hair, right? Unless you can find a handy product that can hold your stubborn locks—like Vitress! 


Say goodbye to these frustrating #HowDareYourHair situations by making Vitress a staple in your kikay kit. This hair serum tames uncontrollable tresses without the oily feeling. Plus, it comes in an easy-to-carry package so transforming your hair can be as easy as 1,2,3!


Why deal with #HowDareYourHair moments when you can actually solve them? #JustVitressIt and be total #HairGoals whenever, wherever!



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