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In Focus: How Exactly Does One Play A Saint? That We Ask Spanish Actor Andreas Muñoz

In Focus: How Exactly Does One Play A Saint? That We Ask Spanish Actor Andreas Muñoz

To portray someone on film who had such a huge impact on the world, particularly within the religious circuit, must take a lot of courage for an actor. 26-year-old Spanish actor Andreas Muñoz must, then, be one courageous man, as he plays the lead role of Ignacio in the film Ignacio de Loyola. The Filipino-produced film directed by Paolo Dy tells the story of the soldier that later became Saint Ignatius of Loyola, founder of Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and patron of soldiers. “It’s a massive role to play. I’d like to think that every single role I play is a challenge, to be honest with you, because I like to find the truth in every single character but, obviously, this is the most challenging role because he is a saint. But I love challenges, to be honest. That’s why I took it. It’s a big, big, big role to play.” 

Andreas in character as Ignacio


Like any good actor, Andreas did a lot of preparations for his role, one of which is studying his character and seeing how he can, in some way, relate to him. "I think Ignacio is a man of action, and I think I'm a man of action, well at least that’s what I like to think (laughs). He is honest, he’s kind, and he is a human being. He is also very grounded and full of love." But how, exactly, does one play a saint? "I don’t wanna think that I'm playing a saint, I like to think that I'm playing a real human being that then became a saint, because that, I think, is the key of the character."


One can say that Andreas has been born to be an actor, having started acting at such a young age. “I started acting when I was nine, but even before that whenever I watch TV, I used to ask my mom 'why are these kids on TV and I’m not?' for me that’s how it really started. My mom was very cautious about that because she knew it can be hard for a kid, and she didn’t want to introduce me to that world until I was more mature.”

Since then, Andreas have always had that dream of becoming an actor someday and be on TV himself, but it was his younger brother Omar who got the first break when he was cast in a movie back in Spain. “Do you know how upset I was? I was SO upset because I said 'Mom if you have brought me there when I was three years old, I would have had that film, not my brother.” Andreas eventually got his first acting stint in the movie Devil’s Backbone, and has since appeared in a number of Spanish and international films and TV shows, one of which is the short film Paredes that won him the Best Actor award at the 2008 Note Cortes Film Festival.

During the presscon of Ignacio de Loyola in Manila 


Besides being (playing) a saint, Andreas can also pretty much be a one-man band as he is also a drummer, plays the guitar, and get this, he can also sing! He used to be part of a band called BUM and is now teaming up with his brother on a new one called MAO (Muñoz Andreas Omar). If he is not acting or creating music, Andreas is busy writing a TV series and developing new projects: He's currently working behind the scenes filming a documentary on Syrian refugees.

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“I’ve also always wanted to be a firefighter, it has always attracted me and also maybe [another dream would be to] become pilot. Film making as well, I like to be a director, I also have vision for films, but you know I think I would eventually find my way into acting,” he says of the many other things he wanted to try during his younger years.

 Andreas is the eldest of three siblings.


He's good at acting, he sings really well, he's got the passion to succeedall those on top of his good looks. Sounds like your ideal man, huh? By now we're pretty sure all the ladies are asking that million-peso question in their heads. And the answer? "Yes, I am single". And he's all praises for Filipina beauty, “Oh my goodness, you got the most beautiful women in the world. I mean I love Spanish women as well, but Filipino women are truly beautiful inside out.” How can you ladies catch his eyes, you might ask? “My eye or my heart? That’s the thing. But I guess by being nice and kind, and smiling. A smile will always conquer me.”


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