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How to Be You? Alyssa and Gabs Gibbs, Standing Out in the Digital World with Their Authenticity

How to Be You? Alyssa and Gabs Gibbs, Standing Out in the Digital World with Their Authenticity

Sometimes when you got famous parents, it’s easy to be overshadowed by their achievements, but not for Alyssa, or Chi, as she is called by her family and close friends, and Gabs Gibbs, daughters of actors Janno Gibbs and Bing Loyzaga—they were able to find their niche and successfully come into their own, making a name for themselves in the beauty and fashion industry, with a Youtube channel and Chi with her own fashion label, Neon Island.

But with both of their parents in the entertainment industry, it seems inevitable that they’re asked the question of when or if they’re ever going to follow in their footsteps. “We don’t think kaya namin,“ Gab says. Chi, on the other hand, gave acting a try when she was much younger. “I tried when I was younger, pero noong early high school, medyo I had the change of mind.” She starred in the 1996 movie Hindi Ako Ander, Itanong Mo Kay Kumander alongside her mom and dad. “I think it’s not for me, pero I think it will always be a part of us.” she adds.

Despite not taking the same path as they did, Chi and Gab’s parents still support them in every possible way and give them some meaningful advice, “Never trust anyone (laughs), follow your passion. Pursue what you want, find your passion by trying other things. That’s one thing they’ve instilled in us, that is to have passion and love what you do. Also don’t do anything half a**ed, if you’re going to something, do it rightdo it good or don’t do it at all. Go big or go home.”

And they sure did find their passion in the arts, primarily fashion and design. Chi, is the co-founder of online clothing store Neon Island, that was created with confident, feisty, and adventurous women in mind, and is proudly 100% Filipino made. “Our collection is inspired mostly by the places that we went tome and my business partner we travel a lot, she actually travels a lot than I do, pero we both love to travel so laging may ganung vibe sa designs namin.” But what sets their brand apart from the others is how they are giving back and helping people through it. “Our main goal is to become a social enterprise. Parang we really want to transition the company into a full-on social enterprise in a certain community and helping the community like Gawad Kalinga, but now we’re doing more of giving out our earnings. Pero what we want to transition into talaga is like a full social enterprise.”

Gabs is also well on her way to becoming a graphic artist/designer, getting formal schooling from the De La Salle-College of St. Benilde. "I really wanted to do music, pero I can't write at all (laughs). I’ve tried for awhile, but I think I’m really, like since high school, I'm into graphic arts. I learned more about design and drawing, and so it led me to that. I’m happy I’m taking design and helping out [with Neon Island]."

They're two of today's most followed Filipinas of their generation on Instagram, not just thanks to their eye for color and visuals, but also for their unpretentious way of sharing their lives on social media—always nothing hard sell; they're more like those so chica girls in high school that you really want to be friends because they're both fasyon and nice. You won't see them exaggerate, and will just really feel their authenticity from your screens (visit @chiiloyzagagibbs and @gabsgibs on Instagram).

In terms of personal style, Chi and Gabs are equally stylish but polar opposites. "Ako kasi I'm bubbly and outgoing, siya (Chi) naman more quiet and a little more reserved," and that's reflected in their looks of choice: More feminine, beachy ensembles for Chi, and simple yet edgy outfits for Gabs. So how to be these chic, creative, and enterprising sisters? Read on as they share with us their style sensibilities:


Fashion Must-Haves

Plain shirts. Sobrang obsessed kami sa plain shirts, white, black and gray. You should always have one, it’s very handy. Like if I don't know what to wear, I’ll just grab a white t-shirt.”

Sandals. “With the weather in Manila, I think it’s vital to have a good pair of cute sandals or footwear na flats.

Sunglasses. “For both of us, definitely a good pair of sunglasses. We have a Youtube channel called Gibbs Guide and we have an episode on how to find the prefect sunglasses. With us, it’s all about the face shape.”


Being the style and fashion mavens that they are, Chi and Gabs are often asked for advice on dressing up and on putting on makeup. Here are some of their fashion and beauty dos and don’ts.

Gabs' Tips: “One important thing in pulling off a good outfit is FIT. If the fit is bad, it won’t be comfortable and it’s not going to look good. Another thing is PROPORTION. I'm medyo old-fashioned in the way na, if you’re baring your top cover naman your body. Like if you’re wearing a tank top and shorts, unless you’re in the beach. Proportioned dapat, with covering. If you’re wearing something na may volume on top medyo masikip dapat yung bottom. Kapag volume yung bottom, masikip dapat yung top."

Chi's Tips: Ako… don't listen to the rules ever (laughs). No naman, di ba we always say na parang it’s better to be under this, ako naman go overboard. We don't live by the rules, it’s better to be over it. I think you should wear what you wanna wear. Like when going to the mall, di bale if I wanna wear this to the mall, I will. Parang life’s too short to be careful about it.”


And when it comes to putting on makeup, here are some of their reminders:

Chi's Beauty Advice. “Always check your concealer. I’m sorry to my friends who hear or see this interview (laughs) they always have this white cast sa face nila. You know they, always get whatever they can. Tapos sa picture, sa flash kita, so always get the right color and check the color. Ako kasi I'm a bit darker in terms of skintone. Morena ako and for morena skin type it's important to find the right foundation and concealer.”

Gabs' Beauty Advice. “Ako for makeup mga things na you should master are doing your brows and curling your lashes. Every girl should know how to do that properly. Siguro eyeliner na rin, yung mga cat eye. If you can perfect that, it can be a life saver.”


So how to be these beauties, really? Look at life through rose-colored lenses and keep it real—there's no denying that these two, even with their showbiz pedigree, incredible design talent, and stellar style, have their feet firmly planted on the ground, never forgetting to stay true to their core (family, the desire to help others, the passion to create beautiful things). That makes their well-curated Instagram feeds even more fascinating—a lovely reminder of their honest to goodness beauty inside and out.



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Photographs by Vyn Radovan / Shot on location at Mateo's Garden Restaurant and Cafe




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