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In Focus: The Struggles of Choosing between Love and Career

In Focus: The Struggles of Choosing between Love and Career

They say you'll never get the best of both worlds. There will always be top priority, then the next in line after that which, most times, won't be given as much of your time and effort no matter how much you'd like to. It's either you take one or you fail in all. But would you allow that?

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It's the same case between love and career. Indeed, getting ahead of the career game can take its toll on your relationship. Balancing it allthose late-night presentations you need to finish for the next day, your 5-minute coffee break just to see him, your boss pressing you on deadlines, and going home to see him asleep on the sofathe list goes on. Oh yes, he understands that your life is at its most promising stage and he's okay with it all. Or is he, really?

Such complications are presented in the new Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo film, How to Be Yours?. Two people in love and happily together until there goes the opportunitya step forward to her dreams. And what comes after is a confusion of mindset and decisions. As Jojo's song goes, "How can you measure the promise of love / when it's weighing against the chance that comes once?" How can you choose what should be top priority, when one and the other wants (and demands) so much of you?

When you find yourself in this situation, bear all these things in mindand believe that you can survive this.


You only have so much time on your hands, so face the reality that you really have to choose. Are you determined to be manager by end of the year? Or are you okay with a steady 8-to-5 job so your nights are free for your love? Think of which you value more at the moment.

And when you choose, talk it out. Say, you choose to focus on your job first. It's important to let your partner know of your decision, and likewise if you choose him, so you know the necessary adjustments you have to make.


If you can't work it out, maybe it's time to let one go. That is if either of you is not willing to compromise, because both of you will carry the burden in the long run.

But if you do, keep in mind that it will be hard. Once a month dates or none at all, late nights in the office, missed calls and messages unresponded to, you'll surely encounter these, and eventually you'll reach the point when you'll reconsider if you still can handle your situation. If you can endure these, and believe that your love is stronger than all the obstacles that you'll both face, then face them together. [related: The D Word: Tommy Esguerra on Knowing When You're Ready to Go All In for Love]


Finally, just listen to your heart. Ultimately, it's about choosing where you'll be happy in the long run.


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