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The Six Fix: Stuff You Should Return to Your Ex

The Six Fix: Stuff You Should Return to Your Ex

It ended up bad. So bad. It's just one of those moments when you're so messed up that it feels like moving on is not an option because it pains so much it makes you think that that feeling's going to be permanent. But it's not. And yes, you have the choice to move on. So why not, for the first step to freeing yourself from the post-break up damage, do yourself a favor and throw all the reminders of your past relationship back to him, stumped in a box and in a distance far, far away from you? Because really, you don't need all those trash ruining your mind and emotions every single time you caught sight of them.

It's not a crime so go ahead, return these six things back along with all those pent up feelings, kisses, hugs, and all memories of him.


1. Love letters. Including all those cute good morning notes on post-its in all colors which he loves sticking to your coffee going to work. Sucks though if he writes incredibly good letters but hey, can you let yourself be fooled by the false promises on those sheets of paper? Never again. And oh, throw in those flowers and stuffed bears that came with it, please.


2. His shirts. Yep, no matter how good his perfume clings to that piece of fabric, give it back. No more crying at night with it on. [related: The Six Fix: Beware of These Guys Who Are #PaasaMuch]


3. Pictures. Couple photos, solo shots, vacation snaps or hangout images posted on on the wall of your room... among many others. Don't be tempted to burn them (although that's also a good option), but instead slip them in the box for him to cry over. His loss.


4. Anything that's part of his collection. Books? His DVDs? Toys? Or that watch he bragged that cost a fortune? No matter how much you like those, too, don't leave anything that he loves with you. [related: The D Word: The Four Types of Men Who May Be Roadblocks to Your Happily Ever After]


5. Ring. Or any big ticket item for that matter. 


6. All your couple things. Just cringe at the thought that you actually possess those cheesy stuff? So a big NO and YES to return box. Done.


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