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How To Make Your Fave Pinoy Dishes Healthier

How To Make Your Fave Pinoy Dishes Healthier


Filipino comfort food are, most of the time, brimming with fat and oil--so not good for your health. While it doesn’t hurt to indulge every now and then, why not commit to making our weekday dinners as guilt-free as we can? ICE Culinary (Institute of Culinary Education and Management Inc) supervisor Chef Nancy Dizon-Edralin has two easy tips: 

1. Choose your family’s favorite recipes, then tweak them by using leaner cuts of meat, trimming the fat, roasting or steaming instead of frying, omitting sugar and cream.

2. Make sure to pair these dishes with a generous dose of fresh vegetables on the side.

These techniques are applicable for whatever dish you encounter, so now it'll be easier for you to take the healthier road.


Original article by Nancy Dizon-Edralin, published in Food Magazine. Photograph by Todd Quackenbush, from




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