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In Focus: Conquer Your Fear of the Water with These Tips from the Best Coaches in the Country

In Focus: Conquer Your Fear of the Water with These Tips from the Best Coaches in the Country

When you live in a country where it feels like it's summer 99.9% percent of the time, you really just have to find your own ways to cool down—and the most obvious choice? Swimming! While not everyone can really afford to go to the beach whenever they want, Pinoys being the ever ma-diskarte people that we are, often come up with makeshift swimming pools when the need arises. But as fun as it is to get a good dip in the water, there are some who don’t find it as enticing.

If you're one of those who are suffering from aquaphobia a.k.a fear of drowning or not being able to breathe underwater, we're here to tell you that you can still overcome it! Nope, we've got no false promises, but legit advice from some of the most sought-after swim coaches in the country: Coaches Nonoy Basa, Alvin Ang, Al Gonzales, and Mike Advincula of Streamline Sports Instruction, a company that provides high quality swim instruction to people of all agesbecause really, if there’s anyone who knows it best, it’s them.

Streamline Sports Instruction coaches (L-R) Mike Advincula, Al Gonzales, Trina Rivilla, Alvin Ang, Nonoy Basa, and Dom Delgado



Don’t force them. “Do it slowly. Kasi if you force it that’s when it becomes scary for them. You can try singing songs, playing games, and of course have some toys in hand”. – Coach Alvin


Don’t panic. “This advice is really for the parents. I mean the babies pagka-panganak naman they have no conception of what drowning is, right? But once they accidentally swallow water and they cough, then the parents suddenly panic, that’s when the fear is instilled in the kid. For slightly older kids, you start by explaining to them that the reason they’re sinking is because they’re afraid, and once they get the concept, that’s when their muscles starts to relax”. – Coach Mike



Find a coach that fits your needs and never give up. “Coaches are very good with certain skill levels, and finding one that suits your needs will help you understand the basics better. Once you find the right one, commit to it because getting accustomed to being in the water takes a lot of perseverance” – Coach Nonoy


Find your balance. “We’ll get you to balance in the water, when you have the balance in the water and you feel comfortable with it, then you’ll know the water is there to support you and not the other way around." – Coach Al


Streamline Sports Instruction offers swim programs such as First Swim: Infants and Toddlers (ages 1 to 4 years), The Aquantus: Learn to Swim/Advanced kids, and Race Ready: Swim Squad. For more details you may call +63917-5391205 or visit their Official Facebook page:



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