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The Six Fix: Shopping for Style sans the Stress

The Six Fix: Shopping for Style sans the Stress

There’s nothing more therapeutic than shopping to step up your style; however, it could also be your source of stress. Crowds. Long lines. A limited budget (this one really stings). Read on for advice on how to shop fashionably, fuss-free.


1. Make a list. This habit shouldn’t just be reserved for Christmas. Listing down the season’s fashion and beauty must-haves is crucial when shopping to step up your style. Having a concrete itinerary or style goal will make it easier for you to identify the items you’ll really want to spend on.


2. Shop in the AM. Hit your fave shopping destination as soon as it opens so you can avoid the crowd and have more time to fit the items that catch your fancy.


3. Look for pegs and find a color palette that makes your heart beat faster. Might as well go the extra mile and really map out your look. Pinterest could be your stylist! If you already have a good grasp of what you really want, you won’t need to go through all the racks of clothes.


4. Time your shopping sprees during sales. For a smart and stylish shopper, there’s no word in the English dictionary that’s more divine than “sale.” The newest items may not always be discounted, but there’s a good chance that you’ll come across fine fashion finds.


5. Stick to your budget. Before you shop, keep a figure in mind and avoid going overboard. Also, to maximize every peso, always choose classic over trendy. Get pieces which you can reuse over and over again.


6. Go cashless. For a hassle-free shopping spree, why don’t you try to shop-and-swipe with a debit card? Bring your BDO Debit Card with you when you hit the malls! It lets you pay for your haul quickly minus the distressing thought of racking up debt. It makes over-the-counter transactions faster, too, because you can forget about counting your bills and coins. It’s also a more secure way to shop—you won’t have to worry about losing money to pickpockets. Lastly, it’ll help you stay within budget because you’ll be able to limit the amount you put into your account.

On top of those, everyday transactions such as dining, grocery shopping, and gas refilling are made easier via the BDO Debit Card. You may use it for ATM transactions, cashless transactions via point-of-sale (POS) terminals, and even for online shopping**. Moreover, it's accepted at over 40 million establishments worldwide. So wherever you are, shopping will truly be a breeze with a BDO Debit Card. Plus, you can earn 1 BDO Rewards point* for every P1,000 or USD25 in-store or online spend.


Make shopping for style stress-free by being smart and maximizing the genius services that are at your disposal. Click here for more details.



*should have an active BDO Rewards Card

**for MasterCard and Visa Debit Cards





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