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In Focus: Meet the Woman behind the Flawless and Glowing Complexion of Kathryn, Bea, and Maja

In Focus: Meet the Woman behind the Flawless and Glowing Complexion of Kathryn, Bea, and Maja

For most of her clients, she’s not only a doctor, she’s also a friend. Dr. Aivee Teo, President and Medical Director of The Aivee Clinic and Fellow, Philippine Dermatological Society, rose to fame as one of the go-to dermatologists of many high-profile personalities and A-list celebrities. Her star-studded clientele includes classic beauties Bea Alonzo, Kathryn Bernardo, Angel Locsin, Maja Salvador, Kaye Abad, Shaina Magdayao, Denise Laurel, and the forever youthful Gretchen Barretto. But becoming a doctor wasn’t something she’s always dreamed of. In this interview with the Philippine Star back in 2011, Dr. Aivee recalls how it all came about: “I was actually bribed by my father since he was desperate to have a doctor in the family. Being an obedient daughter, I willingly agreed to be THE one, not realizing taking up medicine entailed so much sacrifice and hard work. Of course, now on hindsight, I’m glad he forced me into it. I must say, parents really know best.”



After graduating at the top of her class at the University of Sto. Tomas, Dr. Aivee went on to train in other internationally-renowned institutions in America, Thailand, and Singapore to further broaden her knowledge in cosmetic dermatology, and up to this day she continues to attend conferences all over the world to keep up with the latest innovations there is, and then decides which of these new technologies will benefit her clients more. 

Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo during a consultation session with Dr. Aivee .


Bea Alonzo and the woman that maintains her natural beauty.


The ever-youthful Gretchen Barretto with Dr. Aivee.


But more than just being their fairy godmother of sorts, many of Dr. Aivee’s clients have also found a friend in her, and a stylish one at that. In the same interview with Philippine Star, she described her style as “Classic with a twist. I like to tweak the classic look with my own unpredictable style," with Inno Sotto being one of her favorite local designers. But having said that, Dr. Aivee’s definition of a beautiful woman goes beyond their physical attributes or what they put on their back, “A woman who’s confident, secure, and accomplished yet humble and compassionate is what I consider beautiful.”

Maja Salvador is one of many celebrities that can be seen regularly at The Aivee Clinic. 

The soon-to-be Mrs. Paul Jake Castillo on one of her visits leading up to her wedding.

Versatile actress Shaina Magdayao looking blooming thanks to the woman next to her.


Her clinics are designed to look like a Parisian home and the Teen Queen herself is loving it. "Love the rooms at #TheAiveeClinicAlabang!" she said in the caption of this photo of the Aivee clinic that she took during one of her visits. 



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Dr. Aivee has her fair share of male celebrities too. Among them is Ang Probinsyano star himself Coco Martin, as well young leading men Joseph Marco, Joshua Dionisio, and Inigo Pascual.

Despite his busy schedule taping for Ang Probinsyano, Coco never fails to make a quick visit to The Aivee Clinic.

 This is how Joseph maintains his hottie glow.

 Joshua Dionisio, one of the most promising young actors today is a certified member of the #AiveeLeague.


 One of the things Inigo must have learned from his dad is the importance of taking good care of his skin.


In this exclusive interview, Dr. Aivee answers your skin FAQs to help you in your journey to getting that coveted celebrity glow:


How do you get that artista glow, really? "Each person’s skin is unique in the sense that some treatments will do wonders for some, while having little effect on others. Glowing skin is a sign that the skin is healthy, and maintenance and a good skin regimen is really the key in bringing out that glow. I suggest that they visit a board certified dermatologist who can properly assess their skin and recommend the best skin regimen for them to follow."


Can you share an easy daily beauty routine our readers can follow to achieve great skin? "Always remember to remove make up before going to bed, and to moisturize the skin using the correct moisturizer for your skin type. Sunscreen should also always be applied even if you’ll be staying indoors, as UV rays can still penetrate through."


The changing of seasons, especially the arrival of the rainy season causes dryness—is it even possible to avoid it before it happens? "Yes, it is possible by making sure the skin is hydrated at all times. For those who like a bit more hydration, there are treatments such as oxygen facials that help infuse pure oxygen into the skin, making it glow and retain moisture."


What's the best way to combat dry skin? "The best way would be to always hydrate the skin using a moisturizer suited for your skin type. For those that are already experiencing dryness, a hydrating facial or an oxygen facial would do wonders in revitalizing the skin."


Why is it important to address skin dryness (I know a lot of people who just let it run its course)? "Because it could cause damage to the skin, which might not be apparent right now, but will definitely show up when the skin is already in its advanced age. The damage could show up as wrinkles, age spots, and sagging skinto name a few."


Dry skin can be unmanageable especially when you put on makeup, what tips can you give when it comes to managing dry skin on a daily basis? "It’s imperative that we hydrate the skin first by putting on moisturizer before putting on makeup.  This ensures that the skin would be even and there are no patches visible when the makeup is applied. In order to deal with dry skin on a daily basis, there should be a regimen recommended by a board certified dermatologist that would help alleviate and repair the damage caused."


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