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The Six Fix: Which Among These Classic Pinoy "Chichirya" Is Your Favorite?

The Six Fix: Which Among These Classic Pinoy

Celebrated every July 21, National Junk Food Day is the perfect excuse to binge on your fave chichirya—we rounded up six iconic Filipino chichirya that will surely remind you of those good 'ol days:


1.  Boy Bawang cornick.


Usually placed in tube-like packs, Filipinos can easily snack on these salty fried corn snacks while going to work or school during rush hour. They are so in-demand, they are even sold abroad, especially in the United States!


2. Tomi chips.

The affordability of these corn chips, along with its balanced sweet and salty taste, make Tomi chips a top choice for Filipinos craving for a quick snack while studying or working the whole day.


3. Golden Sweet Corn.


An alternative to Tomi chips, these also have the same sweet-salty taste, and they also come in large packs, perfect for those times where you are on a food binge.


4. Ri-chee Milk Snack.

These crunchy milk-flavored snacks are actually fortified with calcium, which technically makes them a healthy chichirya snack.


5. Lapid’s chicharon.


Be it a go-to pulutan meal or a movie marathon snack, these cholesterol-laden fried pork rinds are sinfully delicious, especially when paired with vinegar.


6. Ding Dong mixed nuts.

Filipinos love this snack as it is a mix of dried green peas, peanuts, corn bits, corn chips, and corn curls. Just like Boy Bawang, they are also popular in the United States.


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