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Cheat Sheet: 5 Fashion Pieces That Are Guaranteed to Help You Fake Those Extra Inches

Cheat Sheet: 5 Fashion Pieces That Are Guaranteed to Help You Fake Those Extra Inches

While we're all for embracing your body—but unlike so many things, how tall we are can seemingly be challenging to fake. You can pull on a pair of heels, but often that really just looks like you're, well, wearing heels. It doesn't give the magical illusion of height. As it turns out, though, there are some styling tricks that help! We've compiled a list of your clothing BFFs if you want to add some height to your frame:


1. Flared pants. The higher the waistband, the better! Flared, high waist pants give the illusion of longer legs. They're flattering because they elongate your legs when paired with chic heels. Avoid three-quarter style pants or cropped shorts because their edgy cut will just make your legs look clunky. If you can make the hem hit the floor, your legs will look even longer. 


2. Short skirt. Avoid wearing anything that hits right above the knee; that length cuts your leg off right in the middle, making you look even shorter than you are. 


3. High-waist bottoms. From shorts to skirts to pants, high-waisted bottoms give the illusion of long lean legs and a shorter torso. But, make sure to always wear them with super-high heels for maximum impact! 


4. Vertical Stripes. Remember the rule that horizontal stripes make people appear wider? Well, the same logic applies to vertical stripes and lengthening. Evenly spaced vertical lines—whether in patterns like striped shirts, or in fabrics—make the wearer seem taller because other people’s eyes want to follow them up your body.

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5. V-necklines. It's all about creating an illusion, and the eyes are immediately drawn to the center of the V and then pulled upward toward your face. Cowl, square, and boat necks will leave you looking stout; the deeper the V, the taller you look!  


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