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The Six Fix: Things to Prepare for Your First Summit

The Six Fix: Things to Prepare for Your First Summit

Here's the thing: You've never been to any other adventure, aside of course from your family beach vacays or school field trips way back in high school. You've been longing for a thrilling experience, and finally adulthood came and you're allowed to make decisions for yourself. And so, you stop the daydream and actually do it. On top of your bucketlist: Conquering the mountains of the Philippines.

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Those photos you see of other people at the peak might convince you that it's kind of easy, by the looks of it. But don't be fooled; the picturesque view may give you the first real body ache you've never known before in your life (we're not kidding).

So it's better to be truly prepared for your first time: We've created a list of the basic things you must do before "The Trek," so all you got to do is have faith that you'll finish the two or so hours journey to the top and down and, most importantly, enjoy the whole experience!


1. Pack several bananas and protein bars. Bananas are rich in potassium, which prevents cramps (eat this fruit from time to time during your trek!), while protein bars will keep your tummy happy and save space in your bag. One key to packing light!


2. Bring your hydration bladder. The bladder will keep you from the hassle of opening your backpack every now and then, as you can strap it on your waist for easy access. 


3. Wear comfy shoes! To avoid strain on your feet, legs, and thighs, choose cushioned and well-fitting shoes for this trip. And don't forget to slip on socks, for added comfort. [related: Look Up, Step Out: Is Hiking Just Another Growing Fad?]


4. Warm up! Before any other strenuous activity, stretching your muscles from head to toe is mandatory to prevent injury.


5. Make use of your knees and hips. Don't just put all your weight on your feetknees and hips are there for a reason. Kneel if you must, or go down on a sitting position to reach the other side, whichever feels uncomplicated.


6. The powerbank is your life saver. Because, who would like to have dead batt phones when you reach the top of the mountain just when you're about to snap that photo, right?


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