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Daily Diaries: Netizens Went Bananas Over Kim Kardashian’s Expose Against Taylor Swift

Daily Diaries: Netizens Went Bananas Over Kim Kardashian’s Expose Against Taylor Swift

Kim Kardashian knows the power of timing very, very well.

Just a few days after Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris posted a lengthy rant on Twitter [related: Hot Stuff: And The Taylor Swift-Calvin Harris Drama Continues...], Kim K has decided to join Team Calvin by posting on her Snapchat videos showcasing the phone call exchange wherein Taylor approved the controversial lyrics in Kanye West’s latest song, Famous.

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While Taylor has already responded to Kim’s accusations, netizens still found ways to make fun of the brewing rift between the two global stars. In case you don't have the time or just don't want to go into the details of the whole drama, these eight posts that best sum up the ongoing rift between Taylor, Kim, and Kanye are all you'll need for a quick refresher:


1. Kim celebrated #WorldEmojiDay complete with an indirect tweet to Taylor, following her latest expose.


2. With the way Kim is protecting Kanye, the term #RelationshipGoals has gone to a whole new level.


3. Admit it: You may have been indifferent about the issue initially, but Kim’s latest truth bomb made you change your mind.


4. All those who have questioned Taylor’s authenticity all these years have this to say. #KnewIt:


5. The Taylor haters' party has officially begun, ladies and gentlemen:


6. Make sure your name is on the #KimExposedTaylorParty before partying away!


7. With all the mess this has generated, Taylor has to figure out how to avoid the press (or how her PR team can help rectify this issue), pronto:


8. Even if Taylor has already released a statement on the issue, we’re sure that she’s feeling like this right now:


9. Oh, and you got to make sure you have enough popcorn, because it's going to be a long and fun show:


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