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In Focus: Vern and Verniece Enciso, Conquering the Blogging World Hand in Hand

In Focus: Vern and Verniece Enciso, Conquering the Blogging World Hand in Hand

Learn the answer to the perennial question we all love throwing around, How to Be You?, straight from the people we'd all ask it to in a heartbeat. They'll all inspire you to go the extra mile.


If you look at Vern and Verniece Enciso they could easily be mistaken as twins, what with their harmonious style sensibilities and apparent closeness. They seem to be very in sync with each other, but that’s not how it had always been, as Vern, older of the two, explains: “We didn’t even sleep in the same room, that’s how much we didn’t like each other. Although we’re both competitive, we didn’t have the same interest. We didn’t just like the same things for us to actually build a relationship together.” Verniece adds, “I will always be the sister, ‘yung nag susumbong. Ako ‘yun, ako ‘yung little sister na nagsusumbong!”.

Known today as two of the most prominent bloggers in the country with their lifestyle blog that covers everything from style and beauty, to travel and life in general, sisters Vern and Verniece actually started with separate blogs of their own. Vern was the first one to do it almost six years ago with A Shoe Tale. “It’s really like more of a diary than how blogging is now. ‘Cause blogging now, it’s more commercialized and you’re constrained to what you can write because more people can read it, not like before like I had a feeling na it was only gonna be mom who’s gonna read it. So, parang I was free to write whatever I want.” But since they didn’t really liked each other back then, when Verniece decided to start her own blog Vern wasn’t really feeling it. “I didn’t help her. I didn’t tell her what to do, so it (Verniece’s blog) really looked like a Tumblr account because I didn’t really want her to know at all. (laughs) I didn’t want her to know the ins of whatever I was doing.” But when the the two started to get invites for the events and they started having projects together, that’s when the idea of joining forces came about. “parang our mom was like “just make one blog kasi it’s more competitive… you look alike and the only difference is the outfit, so just make one blog."

We asked Vern and Verniece to dress in the style of the other, and here are the looks they came up with!


With differing styles, it's interesting how they manage to make things work especially when it comes to their blog. “I think, that’s why we didn’t get along is because we have different interests  but when we got close, we found out na they complement pala each other. So I guess, it’s 50/50, because parang me, I’m more of the writing side, because I’m not artistic at all. If I flat lay, it will look so ugly compared to hers, parang ganun. She has creative angles that I do not understand, which I have angles on stories that she wouldn’t understand on her own,” said Vern.


Family Always Comes First

As bloggers, Vern and Verniece’s schedule tends to be really hectic, what with all the meetings and shoots they have scheduled everyday, not to mention all the events they’re invited to, but despite all that they see to it that they’re home just in time for dinner to catch up with their family. “We always make time for our family. The youth in the digital world, they want to work, they wanna earn money that they forget the value of family. I think that’s what we always try to remember."

Their matching shoes are just too pretty!


Personal Style

They both LOVE fashion and anything that goes with it but just like all siblings, there will always be something that will differntiate one from the other. As Verniece said “We’re both very girly. But I think me, I’m more of the youthful one. I stick to pink and purple, anything that’s young, fun, and fresh. I think that’s my style. Mga Korean girly peg, ganon. But I also try to make it more mature.” Vern’s style, on the other hand is "Girly but structured. Mine is more like palazzo pants, structured blazer," she shares.

As for their style essentials, for Vern, “I think mine is jeans—a good pair of nice-fitting jeans, pumps alsowhite or nude pumps, blazersI have it in every print and every color, invest in an expensive bag, hat. For Verniece “Midi skirt. I think I have it in all colors. Midi skirts slash tutus, I think, I have pearl necklace and earrrings, ribbons and staple white pumpsalways invest on those and a bag.” That said, here the five Ultimate Style Commandments, Vern and Verniece live by:

1. Stay classy and never trashy.

2. Less is more when it comes to accessories and makeup.

3. Never compromise to the trend, always stick to your style.

4. You don’t have to buy expensive head-to-toe outfits, you can mix and match.

5. Be yourself.


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Photographs by Vyn Radovan / Shot on location at Mateo's Garden Restaurant and Cafe




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