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Hot Stuff: And The Taylor Swift-Calvin Harris Drama Continues...

Hot Stuff: And The Taylor Swift-Calvin Harris Drama Continues...

Just when you thought that the Taylor Swift-Calvin Harris drama is over—well, it isn't.

While Taylor is having the time of her life with her new lover Tom Hiddleston, Calvin on the other hand, has revealed some pretty controversial things about their past ties. If you happen to be diggin’ Calvin’s latest single "This Is What You Came For," then you’ll be surprised to know that the song is actually a secret collaboration between Calvin and Taylor (using the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg).

Unfortunately for the ex-couple, things went south soon after, which prompted Calvin to vent out using the song after one of Taylor’s representatives revealed the demise of their relationship. Calvin did go on to rant since he did not like how Taylor's portraying him as the bad guy, and this tweet of his best sums it up:


With the whole Calvin-Taylor-Tom drama (oh, and Katy Perry too, who tweeted this GIF as an indirect response), netizens could not contain their emotions with how events are unfolding slowly.

Let's start off with those who sympathize with Calvin: 


Taylor is not invisible, after all.


But she has her fans to defend her. #Blessed


Well, Calvin is single so girls can try to win his aching heart:


Oh, and don’t forget Rihanna, who sang Calvin’s controversial song:


With all this brouhaha, maybe Calvin should consider collaborating with Katy on a song?


The #TaylorSwiftisOver party seems to be getting more and more colorful, eh?


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