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#TryThisTuesday Trending List: Healthier Alternatives to Your Fave Mid-Night and Midnight Snacks!

#TryThisTuesday Trending List: Healthier Alternatives to Your Fave Mid-Night and Midnight Snacks!

We all try to eat healthy as much as we could, and for a while it seems to be working that is, until, midnight strikes and the craving for all the not-so-healthy snacks kicks in. Burgers, pizza, ice cream, chocolates, potato chips, the more we think about itthe more we want it. And the stronger we try to fight the temptation, the harder it gets to resist it. It also doesn’t help that there’s a chocolate bar sitting on our bedside table. Experts have long debunked the notion that eating beyond 6PM will make you gain weight; as it turns out, giving in to your late-night cravings isn’t that bad: The key is to go for the healthier option. Here are some guilt-free snacks you can munch on when the craving is just too hard to resist:


1. Banana. Instead of: Cookies. If you’re craving for something sweet, banana is the perfect choice. Aside from the fact it takes no time to prepare, bananas are packed with potassium and magnesium that can help relax your muscles. It is also high in carbohydrates that's known to make you sleepy.


2. Almonds. Instead of: Bag of chips. To satisfy your cravings for something crunchy, raw and unsalted almonds make a great snack as it has the combination of protein and healthy fat that suppresses hunger while providing all the nutrients you need. 


3. Yogurt. Instead of: Ice Cream. #Weallscreamforicecream even when it’s late in the night. A great alternative to it is the equally yummy frozen yogurt (low-fat to be more specific), it balances the bacteria in your tummy and helps with digestion as well. You may also top it off with nuts and bananas for added goodness. 

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4. Pretzels. Instead of: Potato Chips. Before you reach for that bag of chips, think of all the calories that come with it. Instead, you may opt for a small bag of pretzel, as they are not only lower in fat and calories, but they'll be easier for your body to digest. 



5. Dark Chocolate. Instead of: Milk Chocolate. You tried everything, yet you're still craving for chocolates (we totally get you). If you really can't resist it any longer you might as well go for a healthier option, that is dark chocolate AKA one of the more popular go-to snacks of many. But keep in mind, it may be dark but it's still chocolate and it might keep you pumped up for the rest of night which isn't really helpful when you're trying to sleep. So, moderation is key.


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