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Daily Diaries: This Week's Winningest Hashtag? #ChExit, Of Course!

Daily Diaries: This Week's Winningest Hashtag? #ChExit, Of Course!

Exactly a month after this year's Philippine Independence Day came another major milestone for our nation: The Permanent Court of Arbitration decided in the favor of the Philippines on the country’s arbitration case against China involving the West Philippine Sea (or South China Sea, since China refuses to accept the decision), and our claim on several contested areas, which include the Spratlys, Ayungin Shoal, and Scarborough Shoal, all rich in natural resources.

If you have difficulties understanding the significance of this decision, let this 60-second clip educate you on the basics, and the current situation between the Philippines and China: 


This landmark decision had netizens coming up with the wittiest things, the most standout of which is the hashtag #ChExit, inspired by #BrExit, a hashtag referring to Britain’s decision to leave the European Union through a referendum.

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Check out the most hilarious ones below:


1. Luck is on our side.


2. The tribunal court’s decision? Mic drop moment.


3. Someone thinks there’s a more fitting version of #ChExit.


4. Admit it: #CHupi does sound catchy when combined with #ChExit:


5. The Chinese better learn street and beki talk so that they can understand our jeers.


6. One battle won, many more to go.


7. Chinese haters gonna hate!


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